Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Skirts Exclusively

"Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly." -St. Francis de Sales

Do we dress to inspire an aura of virtue?
The Catholic Lady is a myth that exists inside the soul of every woman, a vision of the beauty of feminine virtue.  She is not lukewarm.  The Catholic Lady is decidedly counter-revolutionary and necessarily full of zeal.

And that brings me to the point: skirts exclusively.

There are two reasons why the Catholic Lady wears skirts exclusively: femininity and modesty.  The Catholic lady goes beyond what is acceptable in her dress and always does what is best.  Indeed, for thousands of years of Christian civilization and especially at its heights, women have worn beautiful elegant skirts to proudly identify themselves as ladies.  It is impossible today to wear such beautiful and feminine garments on an everyday basis, but we each go as far as we can.

What sets the standards for "modest dress" these days?  There are so many women who say they can allow short skirts, they can allow pants, they can allow sleeveless tops, they can allow low necklines, they can allow flip flops, and even shorts!  (I have too often been among these compromising women.)  But where does it stop?

Or do we defy compromise and dress only according to principle?  Do we accept our femininity as a fundamental truth that becomes the basis of our reasoning when it comes to choosing attire?

Don't we want to be the most elegant and the most modest we can be?  Shouldn't we desire to wear dresses like the Christian ladies of virtuous eras?  Unfortunately, we cannot walk around dressed like they did, but maybe we can appreciate their elegance in a more modernly tolerated a-line skirt and loafers or a beautiful up done hairstyle and modest blouse.  I am not putting down specific standards because of course it takes good taste more than anything to dress like a true Catholic lady.

Skirts exclusively is a given for the Catholic lady.  We do not compromise when it comes to principle.  Both the Catholic lady and skirts are modestly and elegance combined.

What do you think?

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: Wear to a Rosary Rally

 Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress where I post pictures of myself or another lady and a modest, feminine outfit to encourage women in this apostolate!  If you would like to send me your pictures to feature in next week's edition, please do so at: thecatholiclady@gmail.com!

Here is what I wore Saturday to our Rosary Rally for America Needs Fatima.  There were over 12,000 Rosary Rallies that day across America.

The picture below is cropped so that you can kind of see my outfit in action.  It was so windy when we arrived and set up the banner at the rally, but as soon as we started praying the wind stopped!  Not surprising since we know Our Lady was watching out for us.



Top- Dress Barn
Cardigan- XXI
Skirt- Christopher & Banks
Boots- Thrift Store
Necklace- Target
Bracelets- ??
Diaper Bag- Vera Bradley (from my sister!!)

Coat and Dress- Consignment

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

 Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress!  This is when I post pictures of a modest outfit (either myself or a volunteer) in order to encourage other women in this apostolate!  If you want to volunteer, please send your pictures to: thecatholiclady@gmail.com

This is what Rebecca and I wore yesterday:

Beatrice's dress can be half seen in the photo too:


Skirt- I made
Jacket- Ann Taylor LOFT
Necklace- Target
Bracelet/earrings- Gift
Shoes- from a friend
Dress- Consignment

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