Tuesday, November 18, 2014

On Suffering

“Total abandonment; that’s my only law!” says St. Theresa of Liseaux.  It would be good for mothers to ponder this daily.

Sick babies are so pitiful; we must remind ourselves that God WILL take care of them and us!
I never considered the sacrifice of motherhood before it happened to me.  Instead, I had an extremely romantic idea of pregnancy, child rearing and everything that went along with it.  I begged for a child the months after marriage and when I found out I was expecting, I was thrilled.
Then the sickness hit.  For me it wasn't the typical nausea that lasts the first trimester.  I felt horrible for nine months and afterwards with thyroid, adrenal and hormone problems that seemed to have no cure.  I later found out that pregnancy can trigger autoimmune disease like it did in my case.  But at that time I only knew I had every awful symptom I could imagine and no answers.  My previous ideas of happily planning for a baby were replaced with fighting exhaustion and sickness just to eat and get dressed everyday.

This has been my story the past four years.  There are days and even weeks when I feel significantly better, but my illnesses always hang on.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  I know that ALOT of people suffer ALOT more!

We live in a valley of tears!  Even if it's not physical suffering, many women have poor or broken marriages, financial struggles, and sick children.  Still, it doesn't make it any easier.  It is so hard to watch people we love, especially children, going through hard times, illness and even death.

We are so blessed to be Catholic.  From a Catholic perspective, every trial and suffering is put in the right place.  We see the value of suffering.  Even when we are humanly not ready to accept it, inside we know that God has allowed suffering in our lives only to force us to turn to Him.  God wants us to beg favors from Him and Our Blessed Mother with Confidence.  This makes me think of the girl with terminal brain cancer who committed suicide a few weeks ago and how sad, sad, sad that story was.  She did not believe God would take care of her, so she took her life into her own hands and ended it.  She literally killed hope.  And isn't hope that we'll one day enjoy Heaven the whole purpose of life?

What do you think about suffering?  Do you agree that the Catholic Lady, mother or otherwise must practice total abandonment?


  1. Beautiful post. I agree that we are so blessed to be Catholic! It doesn't make suffering any easier necessarily, but it helps us see why God is allowing us to suffer. Suffering can draw us more closer to God and by offering up our suffering we can help others who may be suffering. Every person has a purpose for their life and as Catholics we are able to unite our suffering with the suffering of our Lord on the cross.

    I was so sad to hear about the story of the girl with terminal brain cancer who committed suicide. If only she had known how much God loves her and that her life had a purpose. Instead she decided to end it. There was a lot of talk here on my college campus about that story especially because I am a nursing student and I hear all about "quality of life" in my classes. Well, what about the sanctity of life? Every person's life is worth living no matter what and we can't make the decision on whether that person lives or dies based on what we think their quality of life it. That is for God to decide.

    So, yes I do agree that the Catholic Lady must practice total abandonment. I am not a mother at this time in my life but I still have suffering and trials. My suffering is nothing compared to what some people have, but it is what God has put in my life at this time. Although it is hard I try to accept whatever trial is thrown my way because I know it is bringing me closer to God.

    This comment is much longer than I was anticipating - I hope you don't mind!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your agreement and encouragement!

  2. Yes, being Catholic gives us such a great perspective on suffering. It must be so much worse to go through the trials of this life without faith, or even with a faith that only focuses on the Resurrection and not the suffering and crucifixion that preceded it!

    And, we are blessed with the example and the help of the saints! I too have gone through a lot of suffering since
    marriage- that of infertility. It was only through the help of Our Lady, St. Anne, St. Therese, etc that we came through it, and for the better, spiritually.

  3. I suffered from Graves disease for some years until I discovered Lithium Aspertate, which is derived from plants. Offering our suffering to Our Lord helps, however, often discovering natural laws of nutrition solves many sufferings. Just 10 mg. of the Lithium Aspertate daily may make much difference in how one feels. It balances mood and logical thinking, as well as slightly depressing an overactive thyroid. If one has a cold, stop the Lithium Aspertate or take a larger dose of Goldenseal/Echinacea to boost immunity. Also vitamins, minerals and enzymes completed balancing the hormones. Kelp is good for hypothyroid. You might look up NuScience corporation and cell food, though you can mix up your own smoothie or just take supplements for much less expense. Vitamin D and sunlight are also important, especially in winter. An old time nurse told me that if you are below level in a nutrient, it is as if you are completely depleted, and lack of vitamin D and light deprivation can bring on depression and disorganized thinking. So a little surplus in nutrients is preferable. Hope this helps.


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