Saturday, November 29, 2014

Who are We Thanking on Thanksgiving?

Norman Rockwell's depiction of Thanksgiving is full of happiness.

I picked up the newspaper Thanksgiving morning and saw the front page article about Giving Thanks.  "Well, that's good," I thought.  "Even in today's world, people are reminded to give thanks to God."

In another moment I was disappointed.  The article continued on the inside page, quoting people from around town giving thanks to "fate" and "happenstance" this Thanksgiving Day.

Is that even possible?

When God is taken out of the picture, how can they be thankful, let alone practice other important virtues?

Individual selfishness replaces family happiness.

They don't.  These same people are now shopping on Thanksgiving Day, formally a day set aside explicitly for slowing down and recalling family and Christian values.

For some people Black Friday chaos has become the all important event.  They run out on their turkey dinners to get whatever deal they can find and save a couple dollars.

And these people are not even happy.  They get into fights, they get trampled for their frantic desires.  Materialism has become their God and so we have to wonder: who are they thanking on Thanksgiving?

Read a good article on the topic here:


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  1. I completely agree with you. People no longer care about giving thanks nor do they even think to give thanks to God. Instead they give up family time to go shopping only thinking of materialism and what deals they can find. It is terrible. I enjoy slowing down around this time of year just to spend time with my family. It is so important to take this time to spend with family and also give thanks to God for all the blessings in our life. It is especially important in today's society!


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