Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy inspire Styles

"NEW YORK- In an age where the word is grossly overused, they remain, incontrovertibly, icons: elegance-embodied high fashion at the dawn of the television era, with charmed lives and striking beauty.
Celebrities fuel fashion — that comes as no surprise. But the women with the most influence over today's tastemakers aren't the ones on the covers of all those celebrity magazines..."

"Of course, the three were the closest thing to American royalty. Kelly, already the toast of Hollywood, became a real-life princess when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco; Kennedy was the face of the country's most famous family; and Hepburn modernized the Cinderella story as Eliza Doolittle and Sabrina on the silver screen..."

"In contrast, the Gwen Stefanis and Sheryl Crows, or even Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons of today, may not have that same staying power. Refinement, elegance and a serious approach to style endure, Hilfiger said. Trendiness does not..."

"All fashion designers need inspiration and someone to look up to, and many times Grace, Audrey and Jackie have been the ones,” he said. "They're the most important women in fashion in the last 50 years.”"

"But it was the fusion of personality and impeccably designed garments that made Kelly, Kennedy and Hepburn stars in the first place, she said..."

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