Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Principle of the Incarnation

The Principle of the Incarnation allows us to see the supernatural aspect of beauty.

The Principle of the Incarnation was born with the Christ Child thousands of years ago at Bethlehem and again this Christmas in our Churches.  Exquisitely beautiful, it is essentially the blending of human and Divine.

The Incarnation of the Christ Child is a Mystery and it is impossible for us to fully understand the wondrous nature of God becoming man.  Yet we can touch this mystery with our human reasoning and contemplate it, especially at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The Mass is when Heaven touches earth.  Human and Divine are perfectly blended.

But can we take this principle further?  Do exterior things outside of the Mass represent the interior and supernatural as well?  I think that everything beautiful somehow represents goodness and God.  Everything ugly represents evil.  This is how culture, and every aspect of how we live become important enough to analyze daily.

The Catholic Lady can apply the Principle of the Incarnation quite directly to everyday life.  Dressing children, preparing dinner, everyday decisions are made with special care and consideration, knowing this life is merely a reflection of Heaven.

Do we live in our bodies and souls the mystery of the Incarnation?
Do we recall at Christmastime the Eternal importance of beauty?


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