Monday, January 19, 2015

A Good Article

"When she was ten years old, she resolved to imitate Our Lord in everything: “How will I go about it? By combating all the obstacles that keep Jesus from growing inside me: my faults, this pride of mine, my laziness… It is going to be a daily battle.” She made these three resolutions: “I must have: 1) cleanliness (of soul); 2) appropriate clothing; 3) ornamentation ― the good actions we do of our own accord (supererogatory works). Anne wrote: “My soul is destined for Heaven. People are very preoccupied with their outward appearance and hardly at all with the soul . . . My soul was made for eternal life, to be infinitely happy or infinitely unhappy. The good Lord wants it to be eternally happy. That depends on me alone. Mamma cannot do that work for me.”

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