Friday, January 23, 2015

Long Skrts: Why Women Like Them

A businesswoman wearing a long black skirt and dress boots entered an elevator with me the other day.  She had on a nice coat; she was very classy looking and talkative.  I immediately warmed to her, liking both her style and manner.

This woman probably didn't wear skirts as a principle, but she liked them.  She found herself in a skirt and she was a woman who appreciated and loved femininity.  I respected her for that unstudied and easy elegance.

This singular instance made me notice how it seems to be more common to see women wearing long skirts.  The maxi skirt trend makes long flowing skirts more readily available, sometimes able to be found in better fabrics and reasonable length from more conservative retailers.  Women identify with skirts in a way that they can't explain.  It is inherent to a woman's nature to love her femininity and the more feminine the clothing, the more she should like it, because it is her.

What a novel idea!

Women love class.  Women love elegance.  Women love order and beauty.  Women love being themselves!

I am looking out for this now.  I want to see women find themselves in long skirts and begin to fully appreciate who they are, maybe for the first time.  I am interested to see if women notice how wearing a long skirt really does influence their behavior and gives them the freedom and satisfaction they are looking for.



  1. Long skirts are so beautiful and feminine. I think that wearing long skirts makes a woman more aware of her femininity as well.

  2. I am so happy to see that (for once at least!) there is a trend in women's fashion that promotes femininity and modesty. Long, flowing skirts not only look beautiful, but you feel beautiful in them!

  3. I am covered in tattoos. My tattoos are only for me. The majority of the time, I am in skirts and long sleeved shirts. Upon discussing an upcoming beach trip with some girlfriends, they were saying why don't you show your tattoos. I basically said it's a matter of principle. There are very few things I can control in general. Who sees my tattoos is one of those things I can control. I love that long skirts are very fashionable now. Whether they remain fashionable or not doesn't matter to me. I like my paradoxes. ;)


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