Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

There is a growing tendency, even among "good" people, to break from traditional beliefs and principles, especially those fundamental Truths which the Catholic Church teaches.  This sad state can be consciously desired, but is more commonly I think, a subconscious concession to the evil of our day.

Such modernism is dangerous.

This is how the Revolution progresses.  It begets the desire of wanting to belong, updating to match the times and despising "old-fashioned" and dated material.  But the danger is in this!  Timeless principles are forsaken.  Is this not the concept of sin itself?  Pride and disobedience?  The desire to get rid of old-fashioned restrictions?

Yet to abolish objective right and wrong is to abolish God.

I see myself in this.  I want to fit in; I want to be fashionable; I want to forget tradition.  I know this is shocking.  It even shocks me!  But what is more inherent to human nature than to want to adapt to the surroundings?

But I desire Heaven and so I must externally recall it's timeless, everlasting principles on Earth.

God's truth is objective, a simple concept really.  We must learn to value and retain with care the culture that surrounds such glorious truth.  We must cultivate innocence and the ability to marvel at good things.  Such simple concepts as male and female, traditional marriage, traditional motherhood and beautiful femininity must be valued, protected, passed on the next generations...

Because a thing of beauty is a joy forever!

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