Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Weekday In Feminine Dress

A Weekday in Feminine Dress is when I post pictures of my outfit (or a friend's outfit) to encourage other women to dress like a Catholic lady!  I also include where the outfit was purchased to give women some ideas for finding modest clothes!  I am always looking for volunteers to submit pictures of their feminine outfit, so please don't hesitate to do so at,

Happy Lent except I guess it's not really supposed to be happy!  Either way I hope it is blessed and full of graces for you!  I gave up sugar and useless computer time (more difficult than you might expect) and resolved to spend a bit more effort preparing meals and working on my blog.

And here is what I wore a few days ago.  Not the best photo, but a very nice and warm outfit nonetheless!  It is below freezing here with a wind chill...really, really cold!  It is difficult even to go out with little children in this weather.  As you can see, Thomas somehow got in this picture too.


Sweater- LOFT
Skirt- Thrift Store
Vest- Land's End
Scarf- Gift
Boots- Thrift Store
Earrings- Walmart


  1. Cute outfit, I love the bright sweater paired with the crisp white vest. :) Also your son is adorable.

  2. By the way I finally figured out how to update my profile to my married name. Lol. And I like saying happy Lent, because we should be happy we have the opportunity of the Lenten season to help us try to become more holy. :)


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