Monday, March 30, 2015

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: Palm Sunday

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog when I post pictures of a modest and elegant outfit to encourage women in the apostolate of feminine dress.  If you would like to send me a photo of your outfit for publication here, please do at:
Here is what I wore yesterday.  It was cold so I decided on a sweater and darker colors again, hopefully one of the last times this Spring!  I really like this headband I wore, purchased at Claire's a few years ago.  It amazes me how much pretty accessories can do for an outfit!  I've been trying to work on adding them in!  It was cold here yesterday, but it was sunny which I loved and we enjoyed Palm Sunday's beautiful Mass and the whole day together.  I am so excited for Holy Week and Easter!  And I really can't believe how fast Lent has flown this year!  Has it gone by fast for you or am I the only one?

 In the midst of chiding my poor, poor husband for taking awful pictures:


Top- Thrift Store
Cardigan- Consignment
Skirt- Consignment
Black Flats- Payless
Headband- Claire's




Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Deer Guarded This Noble Saint From the Unwanted Advances of Men

"The fourth child of Saint Bridget and her husband, Ulf Gudmarsson, born 1331 or 1332; died 24 March, 1381. At the time of her death Saint Catherine was head of the convent of Wadstena, founded by her mother; hence the name, Catherine Vastanensis, by which she is occasionally called. At the age of seven she was sent to the abbess of the convent of Riseberg to be educated and soon showed, like her mother, a desire for a life of self-mortification and devotion to spiritual things..."
Read more here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tips for Being Modest and Elegant

I did a post a little while ago on Tips for Being Modest AND Elegant which was well received so I decided to do another!  Here's a few more things I've learned over the years for being modest AND elegant:

1. Look beyond clothes when you go to spruce up your ladylike image.  Manners are very important when it comes to elegance and something the Catholic Lady cannot do without.  They are just as important as appearance in the apostolate of femininity.  Try reading books, studying courses or even watching vintage movies to provide inspiration and instruction in the art of good manners!

TIP: The best way to ensure you manners are without reproach is to imbibe true Christian charity into your soul.

2. Establish fashion standards.  Know how far your hemline and neckline will go before you stop.  This is very important to establish before you see  a dress you love and that is likely to influence and compromise your standards.

TIP: Do some research on Catholic modesty standards and women's fashion progression throughout the centuries.

3. Dress to Impress...GOD.  I know this sounds simple, but it is the subtle key to elegance.  A true Catholic lady has real confidence.  There is a big difference between worldly confidence and virtuous confidence and when good people notice this in your behavior they will marvel and respect it.

TIP: Try not to constantly imagine what others think of you!  Be yourself and learn to love it!

4. Buy some things new.  I know many women like to shop thrift and consignment stores and there's nothing wrong with that.  I have scored many beautiful pieces this way!  But I've learned that it's a good idea to buy new once in awhile, especially when it comes to staples like that coat, bag or shoes that you just couldn't do without.

TIP: Look for clearance racks and sales at department stores!

5. Understand accessories.  This is a very great step in elegant dress and something that I have not yet mastered.  But I admire those who have.  Gloves, hats, scarves, bags, jewelry, hairstyles, even shoes can be used to add that elegant touch you need or dress your outfit up or down.   Try it!  It's a lot of fun!

TIP: I think experimentation is the key here!  Practice makes perfect!

6. Often simplicity is the key.  I know I just finished writing about accessorizing, but it is very important to remember to balance simplicity.  Do not overdress for fear of becoming gaudy and unattractive.  I personally do not like to mix patterns and I like to have an overall color dominating an ensemble.

TIP: Always look in the mirror to make sure the colors, patterns and materials do not clash or overpower one another.

7. Relax!  Attitude is very important when it comes to modesty and elegance!  Granted, the over studied and annoyingly prim lady is rare today, but it's still a danger.  Do not be artificial in your manners or proud in your spirit!  Avoid conversations of spiritual pride.  Yes we want to inspire others; and no we don't want to condemn them!  This is something I struggle with and it is a delicate balance to maintain.

TIP: Contemplate the difference between charity and compromise.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Weekend In Feminine Dress and BIG NEWS

Welcome to A Weekend in Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog!  This is when I share pictures of a modest, elegant outfit to encourage women in the great apostolate of feminine dress!  If you would like to send me a photo of your outfit, please do so at:

First, my big news!  I now have an online consignment store for modest clothes which you can find by clicking on the SHOP button above.  I have ALOT more items to list in the coming weeks so keep checking back if you're interested.  I have been having local modest clothing sales at events for years, so I am very excited to have my shop online for the first time ever!
I love that Spring is finally here and I have been trying to dress accordingly!  I wore this bright blue cardigan Sunday and was able to get this picture when we went for a walk in the evening.  I love the eyelet dress too which I found last year at a consignment store.

Dress- Consignment
Cardigan- Consignment
Shoes- Payless
Earrings- Gift

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Welcome to A Weekend in Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog!  This is when I share pictures of a modest, elegant outfit to encourage women in the great apostolate of feminine dress!  If you would like to send me a photo of your outfit, please do so at:
We had a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather!  I had to run some errands Saturday, but it was actually nice getting outside and seeing the sun!  Here is what I wore:

Top- Consignment
Skirt- Gap
Shoes- Payless
Headband- Claire's

Friday, March 13, 2015

Girl Scouts Why Not

Rochelle Focaracci from Girl Scouts Why Not shares
information with interested visitors at the Bringing America
Back to Life convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
     Generations of patriotic American girls have been proud to call themselves Girl Scouts.  My Mom has memories of her own childhood membership and my sisters and I enjoyed summer camp years ago.  I fondly recall the splendid ceremonies surrounding the raising and lowering of the Flag.

But in recent decades many women and girls have begun to question their association with the Girl Scouts USA.  Those who dare to investigate uncover a pro-abortion, liberal and feminist bias beneath the seemingly authentic and wholesome exterior.

Courageous groups such as Girl Scouts Why Not respond to those seeking information.  They are just one of many organizations comprised of former Girl Scouts, leaders and parents who now dedicate their time and knowledge to exposing the controversial agenda of the Girl Scouts USA.  These groups spread information about the handbooks of the Girl Scouts such as Your Voice Your World which direct girls to websites with clear pro-abortion motives.  There are also many pro-abortion women and politicians promoted by the Girl Scouts USA and their funds go to support WAGGS, another pro-abortion organization.  Despite clear evidence to the contrary in their publications and on their website, blog and social media sites, the Girl Scouts claim they take no political or moral position.

Rochelle Focaracci, volunteer for Girl Scouts Why Not, provided me with the above information and told of an 11th grade Girl Scout who approached her table at a recent event and with shock and sadness listened as the sympathetic ex-leader told her the truth about the organization.  The young girl asked with reluctance and with tears in her eyes if she had to leave the Girl Scouts immediately or could she wait until the end of the season?  She was from a pro-life family and so the contradiction of her Girl Scout membership was unacceptable to her conscience.  "She knew in her heart what she needs to do," said Rochelle.

The Girl Scouts is likewise disappointing numerous girls nationwide.

It's hard to take a public stance on controversial issues, especially when it involves loosing friendships and good times and cookies!  But Catholic womanhood requires more than femininity and modesty, it requires being strong enough to defend the principles we value.  We need to fight the war being waged against our culture.  We need to protect innocent American girls.

Here's one strong girl who stood up nationally:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Dresses are Too Short!

A good woman must think about her clothes and dress for principle, not popularity!

I love to shop, especially for clothes, as most of you have probably realized.  It's hard for me in the Spring when I enter the dresses section of a department store and admire the rows of pastel printed frocks!

Until I take one off the rack and hold it up.

Way too short.

I'm not trying to sound prissy, like my standards are better than everyone else's.  I think many other women out there agree.  We want dresses a bit longer.  They just don't exist.

I go through the racks keeping my eyes hopefully on the hemlines.  Nothing.  They are all so short!  Occasionally I find one slightly longer and pick it up.  But when I try it on later I am even more disappointed.  Now I don't consider myself that tall at 5' 6", pretty average height I thought, until I look at those dresses and fruitlessly hope to find one that is decent.  I just want it to cover my knees, maybe a few inches past.  Is that too much to ask?

Those pretty floral prints and pastel colors, beautiful a-lines and feminine laces (sleeveless dresses are another issue, but at least I could easily fix that with a cardigan), they are all useless to me and any other woman desiring to look decent at Easter Sunday Mass or a wedding or any other event this year.  It is so disappointing!

Someone might ask, "Why do you care about a short dress so much when all the rest of the world accepts it?"  I do care!  Just because social standards are slipping, doesn't mean I let mine go too!

There is a lesson to learn here that is important.  It would be easy to let it go and wear a dress that is almost long enough.  Goodness knows, no one would notice with what other women are wearing today and I would soon forget my compromise of principle.  But one thing would lead to another.  I know it.  Deep down I know that temptation only leads to more temptation and standing up for principle pays out in the end.

Here is a quote from the Vatican in 1930:

"A dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat; which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows; and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knees.  Furthermore, dresses of transparent materials are improper."  The Cardinal Vicar of Pope Pius XI

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Welcome to A Weekend in Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog!  This is when I share pictures of a modest, elegant outfit to encourage women in the great apostolate of feminine dress!  If you would like to send me a photo of your outfit, please do so at:  (Please note: the object is to inspire femininity and elegance thus no tight clothing, short skirts, sleeveless tops, pants, low necklines or otherwise immodest choices.  Thank you!)
Here is what I'm wearing today!  I love the sunshine, a sure sign that Spring is coming after all!  I am running errands today and grateful for the getting warmer weather.  I have been wearing pearls a lot lately and I really think they make me feel more feminine and elegant in otherwise ordinary outfits.


Top- Goodwill
Black Top- Burlington
Cardigan- ThreadUp (from LOFT)
Skirt- ThreadUp (from Gap)
Shoes- Payless
Jewelry- Gift
AND we have this today:

"I wanted to send you a few pictures of what I wore to Mass this morning. Black midi skirt from Dress Barn, black Lifestride Liza Flats from DSW, purple blouse from Target, black camisole from Maurice's, black caplet from Dress Barn, Our Lady of Knock medal was a gift. Sorry I could get a good picture of the skirt! I don't have a mirror that is picture taking friendly!"

This picture is from Theresa!  Thank you so much for your contribution!  I really like the black cropped cardigan!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Good Article for Lent

Considering the liturgical season we are currently in, I could not recommend more highly an article titled, I Thirst: A Lenten Reflection on Terri Schiavo Ten Year Later.  Since this is a Catholic ladies' blog, this subject fits the theme perfectly because Theresa Marie Schiavo was a Catholic lady.  This narrative, which is gripping, and at times emotional, tells the story of her untimely demise.  The author pulls no punches and refers to Terri Shiavo's death as murder. Though this might sound severe to some readers, it is due, in large part to the fact that many people have not been informed about the details surrounding her death.  Without elaborating, I would suggest you read the article, by clicking the link below. 

Poor Terri Schiavo, as is pointed out in the article, was abandoned by every sector of society: medical, judicial, etc.  I recently discussed this with a good friend who articulated it perfectly: she needed a knight in shining armor.  Yet tragically her vital call was met with cowardice.

Far be it from me to express any opinion regarding legal matters, I'm just a simple Catholic mother raising my children. But the 2005 Florida Code, as I have been told, has a section that deals with protective services and specifically speaks of vulnerable adults who might be the victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation.  An example of exploitation is later defined as abuse of guardianship duties.  Read the below article on Terri and you will see very clearly that there were numerous cases of abuse by her guardian.  So it seems clear that Terri Shiavo, according to the Florida Code, was in need of protection.  Why didn’t the governmental powers call out the police force and if necessary the militia to protect this helpless Catholic woman?

 It is therefore, as the article suggests, very timely for all Catholics, especially all Catholic ladies to remember Terri Shiavo on the ten year anniversary of her death which is, as you will see in the article, very much like that of our Divine Savior.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress!  I post pictures here of a modest, feminine outfit in order to encourage women in the apostolate of feminine dress!  If you would like to submit your photos, please send them to:  Thank you!

Here is what I'm wearing today!  I had a very busy weekend with many errands on Saturday and my friend's bridal shower on Sunday!  So today we are just taking it easy, cleaning up the house and getting back on schedule.  I've actually spent the morning sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee.  And now I plan to take a drive to find a book my husband needs from the library.  Here's what I'm wearing:


Top- Macy's
Cardigan- LOFT
Skirt- Consignment Store (Coldwater Creek brand)
Necklace- Kohl's
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