Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Good Article for Lent

Considering the liturgical season we are currently in, I could not recommend more highly an article titled, I Thirst: A Lenten Reflection on Terri Schiavo Ten Year Later.  Since this is a Catholic ladies' blog, this subject fits the theme perfectly because Theresa Marie Schiavo was a Catholic lady.  This narrative, which is gripping, and at times emotional, tells the story of her untimely demise.  The author pulls no punches and refers to Terri Shiavo's death as murder. Though this might sound severe to some readers, it is due, in large part to the fact that many people have not been informed about the details surrounding her death.  Without elaborating, I would suggest you read the article, by clicking the link below. 

Poor Terri Schiavo, as is pointed out in the article, was abandoned by every sector of society: medical, judicial, etc.  I recently discussed this with a good friend who articulated it perfectly: she needed a knight in shining armor.  Yet tragically her vital call was met with cowardice.

Far be it from me to express any opinion regarding legal matters, I'm just a simple Catholic mother raising my children. But the 2005 Florida Code, as I have been told, has a section that deals with protective services and specifically speaks of vulnerable adults who might be the victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation.  An example of exploitation is later defined as abuse of guardianship duties.  Read the below article on Terri and you will see very clearly that there were numerous cases of abuse by her guardian.  So it seems clear that Terri Shiavo, according to the Florida Code, was in need of protection.  Why didn’t the governmental powers call out the police force and if necessary the militia to protect this helpless Catholic woman?

 It is therefore, as the article suggests, very timely for all Catholics, especially all Catholic ladies to remember Terri Shiavo on the ten year anniversary of her death which is, as you will see in the article, very much like that of our Divine Savior.

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