Friday, March 13, 2015

Girl Scouts Why Not

Rochelle Focaracci from Girl Scouts Why Not shares
information with interested visitors at the Bringing America
Back to Life convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
     Generations of patriotic American girls have been proud to call themselves Girl Scouts.  My Mom has memories of her own childhood membership and my sisters and I enjoyed summer camp years ago.  I fondly recall the splendid ceremonies surrounding the raising and lowering of the Flag.

But in recent decades many women and girls have begun to question their association with the Girl Scouts USA.  Those who dare to investigate uncover a pro-abortion, liberal and feminist bias beneath the seemingly authentic and wholesome exterior.

Courageous groups such as Girl Scouts Why Not respond to those seeking information.  They are just one of many organizations comprised of former Girl Scouts, leaders and parents who now dedicate their time and knowledge to exposing the controversial agenda of the Girl Scouts USA.  These groups spread information about the handbooks of the Girl Scouts such as Your Voice Your World which direct girls to websites with clear pro-abortion motives.  There are also many pro-abortion women and politicians promoted by the Girl Scouts USA and their funds go to support WAGGS, another pro-abortion organization.  Despite clear evidence to the contrary in their publications and on their website, blog and social media sites, the Girl Scouts claim they take no political or moral position.

Rochelle Focaracci, volunteer for Girl Scouts Why Not, provided me with the above information and told of an 11th grade Girl Scout who approached her table at a recent event and with shock and sadness listened as the sympathetic ex-leader told her the truth about the organization.  The young girl asked with reluctance and with tears in her eyes if she had to leave the Girl Scouts immediately or could she wait until the end of the season?  She was from a pro-life family and so the contradiction of her Girl Scout membership was unacceptable to her conscience.  "She knew in her heart what she needs to do," said Rochelle.

The Girl Scouts is likewise disappointing numerous girls nationwide.

It's hard to take a public stance on controversial issues, especially when it involves loosing friendships and good times and cookies!  But Catholic womanhood requires more than femininity and modesty, it requires being strong enough to defend the principles we value.  We need to fight the war being waged against our culture.  We need to protect innocent American girls.

Here's one strong girl who stood up nationally:


  1. I was a girl scout for only a year or two. Mama and Daddy never really told us why we didn't continue, now as an adult I know that was because of the pro abortion agenda. I am still praying for the man I will one day marry and I already plan on us not allowing our daughters to join Girl Scouts.
    Question, will you join me in praying for my future husband?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you so much! I will be 27 in July. I pray for him everyday! I pray for his intentions, health, happiness and his family. Sometimes this season of waiting seems to have no end, but I know that the Lord works all things for my good and I know that I am called to marriage and motherhood. It truly is my vocation! I am praying that the man God has intended for me comes along soon! Thank you for praying with me! You and your sweet family are in my prayers everyday!

  4. Hello Mrs. Zimmerman. The Girl Scouts promote lesbianism, abortion, feminism, and pretty much everything bad related to women and girls.

    In the picture of the Girl Scouts Why Not table, it is right next to the TFP table! You can see Mr. Christopher Henderson manning it for us. Keep up the great work with the blog.

    Salve Maria!


    1. Thanks for adding that about lesbianism. Young girls should not even have to know about these horrors. Mr. Norman actually initiated this article when their table was right next to the Girl Scouts Why Not at the Cleveland Conference!
      Take care!
      Salve Maria!


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