Sunday, May 10, 2015

On Family


      The Christian family is the basis of society.  It is the foundation for order and justice and charity.  It is the beginning of great men and great virtue.  The family provides a safe, fertile environment for the flourishment of talent.  The family is a very beautiful and essential part of life!

    Coming from big Catholic families, this is something my husband and I can take for granted.  Many people of our generation desire an unhealthy independence that breaks the ties of family, tradition and inheritance.  But this is very foolish.  We have natural tendencies, skills and even social privileges that come from our parents and the unique support and guidance they can give is irreplaceable.  In the normal course of things parents have the best (if sometimes misguided) intentions.  This desire to want the best for their children is very admirable and the root of worldly and spiritual advancement.  I have learned to try to resist the trend of forging my own way and embrace the wisdom of my forefathers.  After all, do I think I can do better than where God has put me?

    Just like embracing the privilege of being a woman, I am learning to embrace the privilege of my family.  I have found that in doing so, my life is so much more accordingly enriched and I hope my children's lives will be so as well.  Knowing where we come from in life is essential to knowing where we are going.  Actual skill is what companies are looking for, not college degrees.  Many are clueless simply because they have neglected to draw upon the resources they have from God and within the family!

In this undertaking I have come across many revelations.  Brothers and sisters are our natural friends, the ones who help us understand and appreciate life!  It might take sacrifice to live with them, but it also teaches self-denial and brings so much joy.  Fathers are the rock and reason of life.  A father delights in seeing his children succeed.  Mothers will watch their children fall and be the gentle hand that perseveres and works and loves and shows mercy.  Like Our Blessed Lady, mothers are unceasing intercessors for the salvation of all.  A happy family is one that aspires to being God's Kingdom on Earth.  Of course this takes much patience and a great charity towards one another!!

Happy Mothers Day by the way!  I hope this day recalls to you the privilege of family and the appreciation we should have for the beautiful designs of God.

What do you think?

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