Monday, June 22, 2015

Nightmare of Relativism

Bruce Jenner claims he is a woman despite being born a man and Rachel Dolezal claims she is black despite being born white.  The inability to reason objectively is leading society into a nightmare of relativism.

As I watched the ridiculous news story about Rachel Dolezal unfold last week, I wondered if racial subjectivity will follow sexual subjectivity.  Are we all just whatever we feel?  Has objective law been abolished along with God?

It would seem so.

In case you don't know, Rachel Dolezal is the now ex-leader of a NAACP who claims she is black despite being born white because she feels that is her racial identity.  It is indeed a ridiculous claim, yet as I listened to her try to define her "feelings" I realized how similar this is to Bruce Jenner's situation.  He claims he is a woman because he feels like it.  She claims she is black because she feels like it.  What's the difference?

Will civil law now start "protecting" people who think they are whatever they imagine?  Sex is already being regarded in many places as relative.  Biological truth is denied.  Fantasy is protected by law.  Because there can't be right and wrong or even real and unreal without reason.  Laws must be based on something objective since we have Original Sin and the tendency to stray from righteousness when left to our own devices.

It's really not that complicated to know whether you're a man or a woman, black or white.  Objective truth does not lie.  We need to wake up NOW because society without God is becoming an absolute nightmare of relativism!

What do you think?


  1. The radical relativism leads to insanity. The so-called "transabled" movement is an example. They are people who were born with normal, healthy bodies but cut off an arm or leg to feel "normal."

    1. I did not ever hear about this before. I am not surprised though anymore, sad to say. This is exactly my point in the article.


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