Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shock and Reaction


On the 19th of August in the year of Our Lord 1071 A.D., a terrible blow was dealt to Christendom at the battle of Manzikert, with the general rout of the Byzantine army at the hands of the infidel Turk.  The resulting Islamic invasion ravaged the extent of the Byzantine Empire and would have overrun Europe itself had it not been for a special grace, the grace of shock and reaction.

The shock was the realization by Western man that a great hole had been breached in the ramparts of Christian civilization and that a pagan and barbaric host now plundered the Christian people and holy places surrounding Jerusalem.  The reaction was a tremendous and organic movement of nobles, knights and arms which against all odds recaptured much of the Eastern Roman Empire and set Islamic conquest back for generations. 

On the 26th of June in the year of Our Lord 2015 A.D. another grave blow befell Christian civilization at the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States with the decision to legalize same-sex “marriage”.  The resulting ravages of this unprincipled ruling have the potential to annihilate the very foundation of Christian civilization, that of the family.  With so great a treasure at stake every Catholic, Christian, and indeed every person who has a mustard seed of a care for the institution of the family as God has established it, should be shocked.

Shocked by the grave affront that sodomite “marriage” is before God the omnipotent Creator of the Universe, Author of all life and Founder of matrimony; shocked by the blasphemy of placing unnatural vice on the same level as that of chaste wedlock between a husband and wife, raised to the dignity of a sacrament by Our Lord Himself at Cana; shocked by the scandal now offered to society and especially to children about which Our Lord said it would be better to be drowned in the sea than to scandalize.  Indeed, we should be sorely shocked.

But shock is not enough, nor should it paralyze us to silence or acceptance.  It should be the catalyst which propels us forward into the fray.  Shock requires a reaction; and that reaction must be ordered.  When the first fervor of Crusading zeal swept Christian lands, certain unprepared, ill-advised and selfish individuals led crowds of aimless peasants to sure death and no achievement for lack of wisdom.  It was only when an organized force of knights led by wise nobles embarked, that the Crusaders recaptured the Sepulchre of Jerusalem.  So today when we stand for God’s marriage, always peacefully and legally, we must stand with order.

As the lies of the homosexual agenda are challenged and destroyed on the battlefield of ideas, in their place should be built a magnanimous Christian civilization.  To this end, a guidebook, a pathway, armor and arms have been lain out for us to take up and challenge the foes of Truth.  Return to Order From A Frenzied Economy To An Organic Christian Civilization” by John Horvat provides just such a guidebook in the dark nights ahead for our nation and world.  It uncovers the deceitful source of homosexual marriage: the lie of equality.  It teaches the unifying elements of the 'Spirit of the Family' and the role of the State in society.   

A ‘Crusade for Marriage is required, an entrenched and sustained Crusade.  The holy martyrs and crusaders of old call out for it; confused souls young and old are desperate for it; our conscience demands it … and God wills it!

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