Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Modest and Elegant Maternity Clothes

Modest maternity clothes are just so difficult to find, let alone elegant ones!  I have been through (almost) four pregnancies, two in Summer and two in Winter, and yet I still struggle finding something nice to wear while pregnant.  So, I thought I would outline a few things I've learned and PLEASE add your tips or suggestions in the comments below!

1. Buy one or two modest, quality everyday skirts or make them.  New Creation Apparel, Deborah & Co., or second hand Swap.com have some that would work.  I recommend khaki, black or charcoal for a skirt that will get you through the majority of your pregnancy while holding up well and going with everything.  It is easy to make a comfortable maternity skirt like this or like this.

2. Get a white or black layering shirt or halftee.  These are so useful to layer under all kinds of pretty tops that are either sleeveless or low cut (everything is), but be sure to buy one that is not too thick since the added bulk can make your outfit very hot!  I have a nice white shirt that is made of thin material and although it is obviously too thin to wear alone, it is perfect for layering under most of my maternity shirts.

3. Do not forget the jewelry and shoes.  Even when dressed modestly, it is easy to forgo the little things that add elegance to an otherwise plain outfit.  Day to day I struggle to put on something decent enough to leave the house in and am often too lazy to add that extra touch.  But be aware of the fact that a little goes a long way in your maternity accessorizing.  A necklace, jewelry, some attention to the hair or adding neat classic shoes can do so much!

4. Comfort does not have to be compromised.  I find myself wearing my most comfortable clothes more and more as the aches and pains of pregnancy increase.  My black knit skirt is a staple and still very classic when paired with a nice top and simple hairstyle.  This is me for real, doing chores and just relaxing, especially those last few weeks of pregnancy.

5. Finally, wear what makes you happy!  Your favorite or best colors, lace, patterns, whatever it is that defines your regular wardrobe should be incorporated into those nine months.  It should not ever be a chore to get dressed; so keep it fun and interesting and beautiful by wearing only the clothes that define YOU.  (In case you didn't realize, black and pink and my husband make me happy!!!)  I really think it is worth spending a little time and money shopping for a few tops you really like and that can be make modest with that long skirt and layering shirts.  ENJOY your femininity during this wondrous time!


  1. I agree that "elegant" is hard during pregnancy. I find a few simple skirts with elastic waistbands (they don't have to be maternity ones, I just wear them below the belly). I usually pair it with a simple cotton top of some sort. But I make sure to dress it up with jewelry or a pretty scarf.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I like the elastic skirts but they just don't fit me right when I'm pregnant. I need the ones that are on an angle I guess? But scarves are also a good idea, just harder in the Summer.

  2. We believe that women can dress modest fashion while still being respectful of their dignity and self worth.


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