Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Spider and the Wasp

Guest post by Thomas Zimmerman
(my husband, who kindly wrote this article when I said I really needed new material to publish.)

In the dim shadows, hidden within a web of its own design the cunning spider waits for a hapless victim to fumble into the entanglement of its trap.  Once ensnared, the poor creature is all but doomed as the spider quickly stabs it with a powerful neurotoxin.  Hiding its prey in the folds of its web it devours it, then quietly prepares itself for its next victim.  Treacherous; deceitful; merciless; the Black Widow Spider will go so far as to consume its own mate to satisfy itself and its offspring.  Infamously known throughout the animal and human kingdom as something to be avoided, there is one who would challenge the terror of its web ... the Blue Wasp.

The Blue Mud Dauber has a passion for fighting the Widow Spider.  Flying ceaselessly about the crags and dark places the spider calls home, it has the remarkable ability to alight upon the web without ensnaring itself.  Once there, the Blue Wasp will pluck the strings of the web as if calling the spider out to do battle.  Greedily will the spider emerge, thinking a new morsel has ensnared itself; only to find a challenger on its doorstep!  Thus the battle between war-tank and fighter-jet ensues.  Though there is risk and its potency is less, the agility the wasp learned from flight usually proves the victor and the Blue Wasp’s battle against other spiders goes on.  Lacking the mad fury of the hornet, the Blue Wasp rarely stings animals or humans and is not widely known or recognized.
                                                               -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -    -
Planned Parenthood is a spider.  They spin webs of lies and deceit hoping to ensnare confused mothers and fathers into the trap of abortion and contraception.  They do not offer helpful services to women but rather poison them against their own offspring, then kill the innocent child in a cruel and heartless fashion.  Like a merciless spider Planned Parenthood hides in the darkness of its slaughter-houses while profiting off the sale of murdered infants and ruining the lives and souls of parents.  Many know of the poison Planned Parenthood spreads but few dare to oppose the treachery of their grip.    

The Blue Wasp is a miniature prototype for the Pro-Life Movement.  We must have a passion for confronting and debunking Planned Parenthood, always peacefully and legally.  The potency of our resistance must be Catholic Moral Teaching.  Immodesty in dress and speech, which is the web laid out to trap us, must be combated with pure and upright clothing which defines and elevates us.  Risk, though calculated, should be undertaken by peacefully praying in front of Planned Parenthood and debating publicly against sodomite “marriage” and “transgenderism” which are the ‘offspring’ of a contraceptive and abortive mentality.  When Planned Parenthood is closed in your neighborhood, do not rest but thank God and keep struggling; for a Catholic’s life on earth is one of ‘sweat, blood and tears’ without recognition.  But our Heavenly Father knows and He is recording our deeds in the Book of Life.

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  1. Thanks for the good read & I enjoyed the way you used bugs for examples! I will be passing this article on to my daughter shes a bug lover. *smile* Thanks again


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