Monday, August 31, 2015

The Weapon of Femininity

A Christian society is a gracious society.
Femininity is a weapon that ensures both.
Modesty and elegance define the Catholic lady.  These virtues support her in the apostolate of femininity.  In today's world, femininity is uniquely charming for it's rarity and sweetness, even for the innocence of it's mission.  But can it go further?
Femininity is also a weapon.  It combats; it refreshes an increasingly vulgar society, where even "conservative" politicians are admired for their arrogant and crude manners.  How extremely repulsive!  This brings to mind the intimate connection between a war on civility and a war Christianity.
Americans must not mistake rudeness for strength.  Real strength always has the power of Christian integrity behind it.  And the sacredness of Christianity always provides an aura of dignity and respect.
Femininity does much to combat this popular trend- even admiration- of rudeness.  The gentleness and morality of a feminine woman will inspire wonder.  This wonder can only lead to a discovery of Christian virtue and the awe and reverence that must accompany such a discovery.  Surely this is the secret of combative femininity and the joy to be found in the Catholic lady's wonderful apostolate?

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  1. I. LOVE. THIS: "Americans must not mistake rudeness for strength. Real strength always has the power of Christian integrity behind it." WOWOWOWOWOW


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