Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Ultimate Enemy of Vocation

No one can do it all.

Homesteaders try.  Feminists try.  Smart phone try.  But they all fail to be that flawless jack-of-all-trades.

This desire to do it all comes from those who reject their vocation.  They miss that one job they were meant for and so search fruitlessly for a broader and necessarily inferior alternative.
A sad sacrifice of quality for quantity.

We see it everywhere.  Online markets, giant department stores, fast food and even homes become a place of everything and yet nothing.  There is time to do so many things except perfect the duties of our vocation.

The ideal vocation must be exclusive.

The mythical Catholic Lady is an ideal.  She represents God's creation of woman, the unique qualities that pertain to being a wife, mother, nurse, teacher or housekeeper.  And she develops her natural and hereditary skills whether they are artistic, resourceful or compassionate.  And she avoids distraction.

We must specialize in our work to build up years of knowledge and skill.  This of course means recognizing the natural abilities given by God and man and defying the popular trend to go against reason.  Too often the sex, the personality, the parents of one seeking his vocation are heartlessly disregarded.  But these should be his strongest points!  Christian society thrives on this ability to recognize and enjoy each other's skill.  For example, the butcher, baker and candlestick maker form a society that is nearer perfection than just the butcher.

Trust is vital when it comes to trade.  And human relationships- not inhuman efficiency- build trust.
The one who realizes his limitations and simultaneously recognizes his skill is one who is wise and knows the effects of Original Sin and the hope of Heaven.

The one who wants to know everything or do anything is presumptuous, pretentious and atheistic.  He is the ultimate enemy of vocation.

"Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly." -St. Francis de Sales

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