Friday, December 18, 2015

The Modesty Journey

This is a not so clear picture of me with my husband a few years ago along the modesty journey.
My advice to those committed to this apostolate: never let down your guard.

Many women go through a journey of modesty that slowly evolves, at last becoming well-grounded and principled.  This is not to say her standards are free from assault at last.  In fact, the beautifully dressed lady is constantly assaulted by temptations of fitting in or looking "good".  I thought you might enjoy to read about my journey here.

When I was about fourteen I became friends with a girl from Church who greatly inspired me in the apostolate of femininity.  In her I saw the mythical "Catholic Lady" and desired to imitate her style.  I found some pretty dresses at second hand stores and began wearing them.  This was a time when I marveled at and really fell in love with the idea of beautiful femininity.

I am a very critical person however, and I soon fell to the temptation of criticizing the lack of modesty in our world to the point that I began to dress in a plain, unattractive way.  I did not represent the beauty of Catholic identity.  For this brief time I wore a shapeless uniform of neutral colored long skirts and too-big jackets.  There were probably people who were turned off by my quiet and judgmental way.

Fortunately, I soon grew tired of such a boring life and my dress naturally moved on to become more feminine once again, yet I still lacked the classy touch of maturity and elegance.  By this time I was about eighteen years old and I was married that year.  I really began to feel like a lady and appreciate how reasonable it is to express femininity with my clothes.

It was at this point I encountered a temptation to try out more provocative clothing.  I had time on my hands and I often used it to shop, even around clothes that were not modest.  This is not pleasant to admit, but I felt very attracted to some modern fashions and it is still difficult for me to constantly reject them.  I have worn skirts and tops that are a little too short or low cut and am not proud of that at all.  It is important to note though that the commitment I have to modesty never left me wearing something very immodest.

I recall the horror of eternal damnation that will someday meet immodest women and often remind myself of the glorious reward awaiting those who love modesty.  It is not enough to dress modestly, we must absolutely go to extremes in this virtue, especially as the evil one intensifies his assault against holy purity.  And I cannot emphasize this enough: we must constantly be on guard!  I realized only recently after all these years of embracing femininity, the really combative nature of this apostolate.  There is an intimate connection between body and soul, human and Divine, natural and supernatural.  We express goodness and virtue- or evil and corruption- with our clothes and manner.  We are fighting evil, quite directly.

The dress and manner is directly proportionate to the state of the soul.  How we live is what we are.

Thanks to those of you who join me in this important journey of modesty.

Let your modesty be a sufficient incitement, yea, an exhortation to everyone, to be at peace on their merely looking at you."
-St. Ignatius of Loyola


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tender hearted story!

  2. Loved it! I found it very encouraging to read to keep me in the journey with a stronger conviction of modesty and femininity. Thank you!


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