Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter, everyone!  What a blessed season is finally upon us.  I thought I would share a few pictures from our Easter Sunday in place of my usual Weekend In Feminine Dress.  These are mostly taken at my family's house yesterday afternoon...we were all a little tired.  We went to Mass in the morning, my husband's family's house and then mine.  So it was a long day, but definitely a pleasant one.
Egg hunt!
 This was the first year they all understood how the egg hunt works...
Becky driving her eggs away...
Beatrice was so tired, but what a trooper!
Neither one looks very happy at the moment...
Much better!  Oliver with my Dad.
My sisters did these, ours were not quite so organized.
 AND I finally remembered I need pictures for my blog!



 I made my dress, modified from a pattern I like...and the shoes are Nine West.
Thanks for visiting!!  May you enjoy this marvelous Season!


  1. Beautiful family! And it's so cool that you can make your own dresses. Any advice for a rookie sewer? (less than rookie, actually)

    1. Just keep practicing! I am no where near a professional, but I love design so I do my best and enjoy.

  2. I will. :) My husband bought me a thrift store sewing machine and I've been too scared of breaking it to get started! I just need to bite the bullet and get my hands dirty, I guess!

  3. Beautiful, Happy Easter! You should start a business! Your dresses and skirts are exactly what I am always looking for but can never find in stores.

  4. I love your dress and I'm very impressed that you made it yourself!

  5. I love your dress and I'm very impressed that you made it yourself!

  6. What an absolutely beautiful dress! I hope you make more for your shop!


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