Saturday, March 19, 2016

St. Joseph and Divine Providence

The Holy Family and the Little Bird, Murillo

St. Joseph is an excellent example for so many virtues.  I admire in particular his unwavering trust in Divine Providence.  He did not insist on always understanding but instead showed a noble respect for God's plans.

St. Joseph is unlike those who only desire to understand facts.  These people are exhaustingly literal, historical and rational.  They always want human regulations.  They believe man rules the earth.  This temptation may be manifest in the nationalist or naturalist.  They fail to look higher.  St. Thomas persisted for quite some time to see it, touch it, understand it.  Earthly dreams were his goal and are for many of us.  We do not realize the true benefit of supernatural laws.

There are some who go even further, those who have cut themselves off from grace.  These people are atheists and subject themselves to a nightmare of bad scenarios where temporal security is the only motivation.  They may advocate radical control or radical independence.  Morality is subject to popular thought and God is forsaken along with the incredible comfort of Divine Providence.  This atheistic life is truly the worst enemy of grace.

But those who can smile at Divine Providence like St. Joseph should not worry!  They live in grace.  They can relax in the palm of God's hand.  The gift of perseverance is a particular gift of God which allows us to continue in the state of grace until death.  Surely the confident soul should rely on this grace!

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

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