Sunday, May 15, 2016

Universality and Ugliness: Enemies of the Christian Order

The popularity of casual wear that is unisex, unflattering and ugly is sweeping the country like a culturally destructive storm.  This "clothing" is promoted as simple and easy, yet it makes walking down the street an experience devoid of meaning and beauty.
Ugly clothing deprives society of order, truth and beauty
which lead us to God.

The universal design of such clothing allows everyone to wear the same thing.  Instead of identifying the wearer as unique and full of personality it is suited for two extremes; laying on the couch watching the same show everyone else is watching OR jogging through the park with other meaningless attired individuals.  This is not a vibrant or Christian society.  The respective appearance and duties of man or woman, butcher, baker or candlestick maker all erode in a universal melting pot.

A second problem arises when clothing is ugly.  Spandex leggings and shapeless tunics in horrid prints that all come from the same factory are no replacement for embroidered gowns and finely tailored suits, artistically fitted to the wearer.  This popular, often immodest clothing takes all thought out of dressing.  The ugliness assaults our souls too, influenced quite directly by what we wear.  Ugly clothing deprives society of order, truth and beauty which lead us to God.

Beauty is never more brilliant than when
contrasted against ugliness, as we see today.
This imbalance arises in other parts of society.  It is seen in diet trends that promote powders and supplements over real food and in pop culture of bland immorality.  These things whitewash culture and starve us of sublimity, the life of the soul.  We indulge in ugly clothing, Netflix soap operas and trendy packaged health food but ultimately emerge more unsatisfied and empty than we were before.

Those who work to defend and build Christian civilization have a truly special place in this onslaught.  Beauty is never more brilliant than when contrasted against ugliness.  Neither is the objective moral law more attractive than when presented amidst chaos.  The apostolate of the Catholic lady is more important than ever.  We must work to enrich society with pearls and swishing skirts, tea parties, and every unique and beautiful custom.  We have the assurance that the gates of hell will not prevail and in the end Jesus and Mary will triumph.



  1. I also agree. I have been reading Marian Therese Horvat's Family Collection from Tradition in Action. It has been very helpful. I am learning what I need to change in my home to help create a more Catholic culture for my children and husband. The children are not always thrilled but we are making progress.

  2. The photo you used of the ladies in leggings is from a company called LuLaRoe. They sell gorgeous clothing, most of which meets your modesty standards and were actually started by an LDS family. It is certainly not ugly and unflattering. Quite the opposite!! I'm not a rep, just a huge fan of the clothes. Besides, ugly is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and ladies during "elegant" times also often wore very low cut dresses.

  3. P.s. much of the elegant standards mentioned were ones enjoyed by upper and upper middle class caucasian women. The slaves in Gone with the Wind didn't think the era was quite so glamourous, I am sure...and "elegance" varies greatly according to one's cultural standards.


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