Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Fine Line Between Charity and Justice

King Henry VIII was an intemperate man who divorced
his wife to live in sin with multiple women.
He was responsible for the martyrdom of many
Catholics who would not tolerate his crimes,
including St. Thomas More.
There are some people who make comments on this blog that are ironic.  They object to criticism and condemnation of sinful behavior, quickly making a judgement by saying I have no place to judge.  These people use very hateful manners and language as they say, "Be loving!" and, "Accept everyone!"  This is a double standard, since all they can tolerate is promiscuity and radical liberalism.  They are hypocrites who try to silence Christian militancy.

Then there are those on the other side who have a Puritan like hatred for the world.  These people fail to see God in His Creation and so spend their time condemning every innocent delight.  They cannot even participate in a conversation without picking out little things that are not "perfect", thus often throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  These types are tiring with their constant, legalistic judgements, unable to rise above what is petty.  They do not recognize the vast subjectivity within
The Puritans see evil in everything, making them
a classic example of extreme self-righteousness.
They reject the virtue of temperance and block out
providence with their sterile lifestyle of
socialist, legalistic laws.
God's order or see the different ways He brings people to Heaven.  Instead, these critical people want a blueprint of their own making with no mercy for those who defer.  This attitude is quite damaging to the different vocations since it promotes only one way which is best for everyone!

Neither of these extremes is suitable for the Catholic Lady.  It is necessary to be both charitable and just.  The line must be drawn carefully.  This is a very necessary study for mothers since children have a great need for balance.  We encourage good people to keep after good and bad people to turn from their ways.  But we do not accept everything, especially not sin.  And we do not condemn everything because we recognize the tremendous flexibility within the laws of God and of the Church and also within the confines of personality and reason.

Charity and justice must be a careful balance for the Catholic Lady.


  1. This is a great post.

    In the Middle Ages until the 20th century, it was universally understood that evil was to be fought and avoided and good was to be fostered, in both the Church and the State. Charity and Justice can only be properly practiced when people have a healthy fear of God and rejection of sin. In some cases, mercy and charity predominates like when Our Lord forgave St. Mary Magdalen in face of the hypocrite (Puritan?) Pharisees. In other times, it justice is more appropriate such as when Our Lord whipped the money changers out of the Temple, or God annihilated Sodom, or sent the ten plagues upon Egypt.

    The modern liberals ultimate maxim is the 1968 Sorbonne slogan, "It is forbidden to forbid." Even though it contradicts itself (like all errors), for them the one and only sin is to condemn sin. "Tolerance" and "love" are what Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira called "talismanic words." Their true meanings are twisted beyond all recognition in order to use them as a weapon of psychological warfare to change the mentalities of the people to accept sexual perversion. "Love" and "tolerance" as the liberals understand them can be defined as "unconditional support for sin and unconditional hatred for opponents to sin."

    When liberals demand "tolerance" in one breath and then viciously attack Catholics for opposing homosexual "marriage" in the next breath, they are being entirely consistent with this (twisted) definition.

    At its root, this is the one commandment of Lucifer. Alistar Crowley, a famous 20th century Satanist, said that "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" is the one commandment of Satanism.

    1. This is a great commentary! I think you have more information here than in the post itself. THANK YOU again!!


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