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The Male and Female Brains: An Argument for the Two Sexes

The Male and Female Brains: An Argument for the Two Sexes

I watch my four children play, two boys and two girls.  They are hardly more than toddlers but even so their games and ideas never cease to amaze me.  Oliver often sits and turns the wheels on toy cars with his fingers, something quite intriguing to watch while the girls ceaselessly play pretend with their dolls, a pastime I remember well from my own childhood with five sisters.
The male brain has strong potential for
focus and concentration, explaining the
ability of men to detach from emotional
distractions and work with so called
tunnel vision. 

Then I read this article confirming my observation that boys and girls play differently.  Their brains are different!  There are studies that consider the tendency of infant boys to look at movement while girls are usually attracted to faces.  This is variable but an indication of the brain's wiring nonetheless.  The male brain uses about seven times more grey matter (the focus part) while the female brain uses on average ten times more white matter (the networking part).  This is scientific, medically-confirmable fact.  So it is quite right to conclude that the psychological makeup of boys and girls is just as different as their two sexes.

I recently attended a seminar by a functional medicine doctor about something called the gut-brain axis.  There are increasing medical studies pointing toward the conclusion that diseases like autism are aggravated by food sensitivities, allergies and other gut disorders.  This idea, that the food we eat influences our mental state is not a novel one.  In fact, it just confirms that every system of the body is connected and can effect each other.  Hormones are all interrelated and responsible for running the body for example.  Simple but relevant to the modern debate we face called transgenderism.

Transgenderism: Individually and Society Harmful

I continue to argue that there is no such thing as transgenderism and of course will be called unloving, unaccepting and worse.  But any person with a reasonable mind will admit that the case for transgenderism is based largely on feelings.  If the body says one thing in regard to sexual identity, it is by all reason impossible that the brain can say another.

"Happiness comes from self-possession through temperance, not from self-expression through license," says Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  Perhaps the crux of the issue is the question: who is a transgender person serving?  He thinks he identifies as the opposite sex?  It might be fun to try being the opposite sex?  This is selfishness to the extreme.  Furthermore, to become detached from reality in this way is harmful.  It harms the individual and it harms society.  All noble careers are built upon sacrifice.  Pursuing a life of perverted sexual identity is not going to provide the happiness and satisfaction only achieved by a life of self-sacrifice and truth.

A man has a natural ability to be a husband and father.  A women can naturally be a wife, can give birth and nurture her children.  There is of course work for both sexes and much work overlaps.  But the function of the man and woman in marriage and the family is not changeable and it is ridiculous to try to change these natural roles by artificial means.  In fact as explained in this article, Christian civilization was built by men and women who thrived in traditional roles of masculinity and femininity.  This goes well beyond mothers and fathers.

Political Correctness and Transgender Tyranny

On the last Saturday of June we attended the annual March for Marriage in Washington, DC.  I saw disturbed looking protesters holding signs that said, "Our love is stronger than your hate!"  Yet they were yelling while the pro-Marriage group was praying.  We were impressed as always by the contrast between the two sides.

The tendency of girls to play pretend is an indication of the
strong networking structure in the female brain, which helps
develop social and communication skills.
Transgender bathrooms is an issue recently brought up for political debate.  We see those who want to pass this radical law pushing equality to the breaking point.  They say that the sex of men and women are interchangeable based on feelings!  These tyrants trample the right to privacy and decency of the very great majority (the 99%) of men and women in public restrooms and fail to protect society at large from such an insane assault on a basic right of civilization.

Then the Pentagon announced last week that the US military will accept openly transgender people.  There were reporters there asking if they will also pay for sex reassignment surgery and opposite sex hormones too.  This is insanity, not what the military- or what life- is for!

It was interesting that the Defense Secretary emphasized the applicants must still "reach the standards" before actually entering the military.  These standards are primarily physical but also test the mental and often spiritual capacity of military applicants.  Candidates must be confident and strong and also willing to sacrifice their lives, which will most likely prove difficult when they are not even sure which sex they want to be.

These types of events demonstrate that we are socially and politically allowing feelings to dominate facts.  The military has standards which are mostly achieved by men who are obviously physically stronger than women and whose brains are more suited to the tasks of war.  The complete absence of women in elite fighting forces such as the Navy Seals speaks even more to this fact.

We would do well to take St. Francis de Sales advice, "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly".  There is no medical basis for transgenderism.  It is a perversion, an abnormality.  There is no reasonable basis.  It is against the natural law and God the Creator.  To defend two sexes is both reasonable and charitable.  To recognize transgenderism as legitimate is tyrannical to the great majority of people who identify properly as one of the two sexes.


  1. Once again, a very good post.

  2. My own feeling about transgenderism is that our wishes cannot alter reality. My wife's middle daughter has a child with some severe handicaps. That child in 9 years old and I am sure wishes she were normal and as capable as most other children. There are people who are intersex, but most transgender people simply wish to be something they are not.


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