Monday, October 3, 2016

A Weekend in Feminine Dress

Last week my husband was on vacation so Monday we visited a nearby lake.  The kids loved it!  The weather was perfect and sunny, the water was warm.  The beach was deserted on a school day so they had free range while we sat in the shade.  And fortunately I was able to get these few pictures.  I am going to make Beatrice and Rebecca's dresses qualify for Weekend In Feminine Dress until I download more of my own outfit pictures this week.  Both of their dresses are hand-me-downs from friends.

 Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hello Colette,
    Salve Maria!

    Thank you for continuing to post on your blog. I have a a question that perhaps other readers may have. My sister Caroline wants to start learning how to make her own clothes, as she is sick of not being able to find beautiful, elegant, and modest clothing.

    Could you perhaps make a blog post with books/resources/suggestions for how someone can get started doing this? I know you are a very good seamstress so I'm sure you have a lot of experience to share.

    Also, if you could make a post just of the best online resources for buying beautiful and modest clothing, all on one page, that would be great also. I am often asked by women where to buy modest clothing and it would be great to point them to your blog.

    Thank you!

    In Jesu et Maria,


    1. Salve Maria!
      I am not good at following step by step instructions which is necessary when learning to sew. I love sewing myself but it is a different thing to be a teacher. This is why I hesitate to write a post on sewing. I would instead recommend taking a class at a sewing shop and/or watching videos online.
      As far as modest clothing stores both online and otherwise, I really should post more resources. The main trouble I have with this is that there is no one store that offers exclusively beautiful and modest clothes for women. Everything is too short or immodest or just not beautiful. The best way is to have good taste and VERY high standards and then when shopping you can be your own guide for finding great clothes...most likely lots of looking and one quality item at a time.
      But thanks for the suggestions; I will work on it!


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