Monday, October 24, 2016

The Three Principles of Dining

There are so many imbalances in today's world that it's not suprising food is one of them.  So many people struggle with eating healthy, having meals on time or sitting down at all during the day to relax and enjoy a meal.

There are days when I struggle to make dinner.  I barely get food on the table let alone make sure it is healthy or presentable.  There are times when lunch is delayed because we are so busy or (lots of days) when breakfast is cold cereal and milk.  But the perfect meal is something I aspire to!

What is the perfect meal?  I think it can be broken down to three basic principles of dining:

Nutrition is of course the first reason we eat.  But in today's fast paced world and amid so much packaged junk food, preservatives and unnecessary sugars, nutrition can be easily overlooked.  It is helpful to learn about a balanced diet and the foods that are good souces of the essential vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy.

Taste is also an essential principle of food!  We all have likes and dislikes which are probably part of who we are and based in our past and traditions.  Taste is an art, it identifies the skill and experience of a true chef.  It makes us attend to the ingredients and analyze the style of whatever dish is being enjoyed and takes mealtime up to another level, allowing us to perceive through our senses.

Presentation- Eating is more important than just feeding the body as many health nuts like to believe.  A good meal nourishes the soul as well.  But food will not administer to the soul unless the perfect ambiance is created by the artist.  Who is this artist of ambiance?  Often the mother!  Teas, soups, homemade breads and muffins, crock pot meals or birthday cakes- all recall a special season and have the potential to create so much more than just another meal.

Some nourishing autumn recipes:

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Maple Pecan Pie

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Crockpot Applesauce

Easy French Bread

Shepherd's Pie


  1. Excellent post. Also, mealtime is one of the most important opportunities of teaching children manners and etiquette. How to eat properly, how to have conversation, how to interact with other children and adults at table all the ceremonial of table manners that was developed by the Christian West. It is what distinguishes us from animals. Man is able to dominate his lower appetites and behave with grace, elegance, and gentility.

    1. Thanks so much for adding that! We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


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