Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dressing Daughters in Winter

I loved this illustration as a girl and used to try to
imitate her lovely, feminine winter style!
Dressing daughters in a feminine way is a worthy apostolate.  It teaches them to appreciate who they are and enriches society with women who understand their natural strengths.  Even during winters of sweatpants and parkas, many good mothers realize the importance of continuing to dress beautifully.  Here is what I personally have found to be helpful:

-Tights, leggings and layers!  These three words are the key to keeping young girls warm in cold weather months.  Turtle or mock neck tops under dresses or a sweater over top are often all it takes to make a dress suitable for winter (I've even seen this done to girls' summer dresses).  Layer warm socks over thick cotton tights or leggings on a very cold day with sturdy shoes or boots and you're all set.  Of course, the hat, gloves and coat can make things even warmer and it's really fun to find them in feminine styles.

-Keep priorities!  I know I'm always saying this, but it honestly helps me a lot to remember why we dress like ladies and in turn dress our little girls like girls.  It becomes much easier to find the inspiration to continue dressing nice in winter.  Thrift stores are really my best tip for finding pretty things for girls at $2 or $3 that they can wear all winter and not have to worry about staining or hard wear.  I have found the most adorable classic wool coats for the girls at consignment sales for a fraction of what they would cost new, which I know I would never afford.  They grow so fast and it is not necessary to make a huge investment in Janie and Jack or Laura Ashley (although if you can afford it, I'm definitely not stopping you).

I'd love to hear your advice on keeping little girls warm in winter in the comments below!  I expect it becomes more difficult to find feminine clothes as girls get older so please let me know any suggestions for this as well.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Since I was born in 1956 and lived in Northern Vermont, I know about dressing warmly, even in a skirt. I had a fairly long walk to school, and we were required to wear dresses/skirts. We would wear tights and worse something called "peti pants" which wear a type of thermal pant which came to my knees. I had two woolen plaid skirts, long sleeve shirt and a cardigan sweater. If it was extremely cold, then I wore my ski pants underneath and took them off when I got to school. I was very cozy!

    1. What a great story! We are supposed to be more "functional" today yet we don't think about looking nice or proper in order to elevate the spirit.

    2. Linda, I share your experiences! I grew up in CT and MA and endured those long walks in the snow. Many days my boots and snowpants hung in the cloakroom or locker, dripping, until 3 pm. Knee socks weren't enough! :-)

    3. Linda, I share your experiences! I grew up in CT and MA and endured those long walks in the snow. Many days my boots and snowpants hung in the cloakroom or locker, dripping, until 3 pm. Knee socks weren't enough! :-)

  2. Since embracing modesty in dress, I have had some struggles keeping warm. After some trial and error, I found the following are my go-tos:
    Thermal shorts (to keep your tail warm if you're stuck wearing nylons)
    Fleece-lined tights and leggings
    Long underwear and sweatpants under regular cotton skirts
    Short wool skirts under regular skirts (I had a stash inherited from relatives and this a great use for them)
    Flannel :)

    I've heard that wool is great in the cold, but from my experience, the wind cuts through if you don't have enough layers above or below it. Knitted wool doesn't seem to cut so bad though. I wear knitted and crocheted wool headbands to go over my ears and those WORK.

    1. It sounds like you know what you're talking about! I have not had to try many of these since I'm not out in the cold weather much but will keep in mind. I definitely agree with warm fabrics and layers! Thanks for the advice!

  3. Ah, wintering in Florida, still means trying to make sure I am dressing modestly without getting too hot! It was 81 today, and I'm not bragging. I wish I had an opportunity to wear my leggings with my dresses.

  4. Loved reading this post, and the comments though. We do get our cold snaps, and sometimes travel brings us somewhere frigid. Good ideas to keep in my bonnet.

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