Thursday, January 12, 2017


Dear Readers,

A faithful reader of The Catholic Lady Blog contacted me recently with a prayer request.  She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is also expecting her forth child!  Please join me in praying for Marianna, for her peace and healing and for the safe delivery and health of her child.  I am sure she appreciates any prayer you have time to offer!  We are praying especially to Our Lady of La Leche.


Monday, January 9, 2017

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: Cold Weather!

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog.  This is when I post pictures of myself or a volunteer wearing a modest, feminine outfit including where it was purchased in order to encourage the apostolate of feminine dress.  If you would like to submit your photos, please contact me at:  Thank you!

This is what I wore yesterday to Mass and catechism class.  We've been taking the children to class this year for the first time and they all attend the Kindergarten class which is so good and very laid back so we fit in there fine!  They made a very cute Epiphany craft yesterday.  After Mass, we drove by the city's Christmas crèche which is the only replica in the world of the one at the Vatican.  It is very touching to witness a public display of Christmas like this.  My Dad actually works in the building outside of which it is displayed so I think that is very nice for him.  It was about 0 degrees here yesterday with the wind chill, so really, really cold!  If you follow National Football, the Pittsburgh Steelers won a big game yesterday (very big local news) and played in this weather!  I have no idea how they do that.

Anyway, my outfit was thrown together since I didn't have much time to get ready before 8AM Mass, but I think the coat made it much easier.  That's the benefit of winter, you can wear pretty much anything and throw on a nice coat and easily look put together!  I tried to dress the kids in layers to stay warm, but it was still freezing!

The Christmas crèche in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.
Photo taken from HERE


Coat- Thrifted (Merona brand)
Black Paisley Scarf- I think online a few years ago
Black Skirt- Motherhood
Boots- Franco Sarto


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Women Who Work

The mother has tremendous influence when she creates
an ambiance of good principles and family values!
(Painting by John Walters)
The family is the foundation of society.  Yet many people are not at home!  They are out trying to make a difference in the world, forgetting the power of the hand that rocks the cradle.

The socially destructive results of this individualistic, fast paced mentality are endless.  But certainly the greatest problems arise within the home: Who will do the housework?  Who will care for the babies?  Who will educate the children?  Who will cook the dinner?  Who will create an ambiance of warmth, comfort and love in the extra touches?  Who will have time to celebrate the special occasions like birthdays and feast days in a homemade way?

Is it possible that these things are not getting done?  Or at least, not being prioritized?  Is the tremendous vocation of motherhood going out of fashion?

There is no place for such a very Christian role as mother in a society that does not value Christianity.  Marriage, the pillar of family life is under tremendous assault.  It is marketed as a series of romantic good times where it is possible to take lots of pictures to be liked on social media.  This is not real life!  This dangerously superficial attitude destroys families and also takes away from the dignity of the respective work of mother and father.  Deprived of healthy families, many turn to online meetups to find a social life.  Local biking, jogging, workout, crafting, even dating groups are formed in this way.  This type of artificial meeting may be temporarily enjoyable.  But the bond of friendship includes good times AND bad times which is hard to accept for those who only signed up for the good.  After all, there is no greater love than sacrifice which is at the center of every successful family.  It is not until we put Heaven at the end of our quest for happiness that we will be content on earth.  And divine providence will step in to shape our lives.

Today's families must make an intentional investment in quality time spent together- an old-fashioned tonic for the soul.  Turn off all the electronics and bring out the conversation, stories and games!  The mother especially has tremendous influence when she creates an ambiance of good principles and family values.

It must be realized that some mothers encounter unimaginable sufferings in their vocation.  And possibly this is why they go away and get a job or are often out of the house.  Does it help to recall that the greater the difficulty, the greater the grace that is right there to assist you?  A wise mother once told me that when God sends what seems like unbearable suffering it is a call to come very close to Him, but the sad thing is that many of us turn away from God at these times and fall hard.  The merit of sacrifice is after all impossible without grace. 

I realized recently that the happier I am at home, the less I feel a need do online networks or go out places just to socialize.  Instead, most of our friends we just see during the course of our regular routine.  This might not be true for everyone.  I come from a large family and also have many supporting friends around me.   But my friend who is also a mother was the first to notice this and many others agree.


Monday, January 2, 2017

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog.  This is when I post pictures of myself or a volunteer wearing a modest, feminine outfit including where it was purchased in order to encourage the apostolate of feminine dress.  If you would like to submit your photos, please contact me at:  Thank you!

Happy and blessed New Year 2017!  This year is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima and also a year of imminent great events.  Prayers are immensely needed for the conversion of nations, for the Church and for the salvation of souls.

This is what I wore yesterday.  I actually wore this same pink top last week; my sister gave it to me recently and it's my favorite color, although probably more appropriate as we get closer to Spring.  The brand is Old Navy Maternity.  The skirt is also one of my favorites, an older design by Motherhood.  I purposefully planned a slow weekend as we are all a bit tired out still from Christmas.  We went to Mass, took a walk for the first time in awhile since we finally saw a little sunshine, had a nice simple dinner and played some card games in the evening.  That's my favorite kind of Sunday..


Top- Old Navy Maternity
Cardigan- Motherhood
Skirt- Motherhood
Boots- Franco Sarto


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