Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Defending the Christian Family Against Revolutionary Women

The Christian family is the basic institution of civilization.  It is being attacked today from many sides.  There are even women who attack it.  Naturally, we want to defend the family.  But how?

There are two kinds of women the family must be defended against:

Today we have more freedom than ever to design our own little world,
but how trapped and empty we become!
We first must defend the family against the immoral woman.  This woman uses sensuality in clothing, behavior or action to induce others to shallow, illicit entertainment.  She is the enemy of true vocation.  She seeks to overturn all barriers to make way for immorality.  This woman tries to convince others to forsake duty in favor of a fast-paced more "exciting" lifestyle.  This is encouraged with false promises of "freedom".  But this false freedom quickly gives way to gross indulgence.  We loose self-discipline and self-sacrifice, the fruit of which is our God given identity, happiness and prosperity.  It is not until the family is destroyed by one or more members leaving that we finally see the cost of revolutionary ways: the richness of family life is replaced with the "freedom" of emptiness.

However, we must also defend the Christian family against those who capitalize on absolute freedom by imagining themselves to be the masters of everything!  This type of woman can have a romantic 
Adopting a 'holier than thou' attitude is always a recipe
to destroy families.  Picture by Norman Rockwell
notion that she is making a noble sacrifice of perpetual religiosity.  Although she takes her Church duties seriously, she neglects the more mundane duties of wife.  She is quick to overlook the authority of her husband, ignoring how this contradicts the long-suffering example of St. Monica and others.  This woman is publicly rebellious.  She attends Church conferences alone in an attempt to be the family's head instead of heart.  She is too pious to waste time lovingly preparing the home.  In fact, this prideful woman has little concern for her husband other than that he provides her the status of being a very Christian, "Married woman with children".  Such hostility is almost inconceivable!

But now we should examine the life of the good Christian woman inside the family.  This woman is counter-revolutionary and lives a balanced life, combatting both sensuality and pride.  This woman has two most distinct qualities:

First: She stays within the home.  She accepts the protection of home life.  This woman knows that the world is dangerous and extremely immoral.  She does not fear the world, but sacrifices the world.  Self-sacrifice is after all, primarily essential to the vocation.  The good woman realizes the responsibilities of the home, mothering, teaching, planning, cooking, cleaning and maintaining order, and lots of praying.  There are really endless responsibilities and obligations!  The vocation of motherhood lies within the home and like all vocations requires us to take up the Cross and renounce the world.  Perhaps we must venture out?  Then let it be with eyes open to danger, a quiet spirit to protect holy chastity and a feminine apostolate of modesty and elegance.
The Christian family, across generations, offers tremendous resources
for the development of character and skill.
The family teaches sacrifice, a natural remedy for immorality and pride.

Secondly: the good woman respects her husband.  She allows and desires her life to be formed with another.  She chooses to cling to her marriage like St. Monica and receives the grace of perseverance.  This is heroic.  This quiet and modest attitude of the good woman far surpasses the individualistic idea of living a solo life and getting married for fun.  There are women who will say the husband is stupid and lazy and they want to fight for the Church, leaving him in the dust!  But where is duty to the vocation, the vocation that God designed not only for us, but to help our entire family to Heaven?  The little prayers, sacrifices and duties of the good married woman when united to the work of her husband have tremendous potential because they act as two people blessed by God.

This good woman defends the Christian family.

"As Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters you are....be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, being lovers of the brotherhood, merciful, modest, humble: Not rendering evil for evil, nor railing for railing, but contrariwise, blessing: for unto this are you called, that you may inherit a blessing."  (1 Peter: 3: 6-9)


  1. I don't see anything wrong with attending a church conference or event without my husband. With two little kids, this has often been the only way we have been able to take advantage of the wonderful church opportunities, by taking turns staying home with the kids. Our daughter didn't start being OK with church-provided childcare until 3.5yo, and having lost my faith after her birth due to post-partum anxiety and depression, my husband insisted that I get out of the house and around other Catholics. Thank God he did, because this allowed God to draw me back to Himself again. That said, I know I am very blessed to have a husband who truly understand me and my needs, even when I don't, and takes the lead even when it means being "non-traditional".


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