Friday, August 25, 2017

Our Lady of Confidence

I now am the mother of five children under six.  Just as you would imagine, most days are dramatic and unpredictable.  I absolutely love my life, but my melancholic side likes to dwell on the future and I often worry that I cannot be prepared...

But then I read the Book of Confidence!

There is tremendous power in the realization that we must abandon ourselves to living on graces from God and Our Lady.  Every day we experience stressful situations or dread of the future we must call upon confidence.  Is this not the best lesson of motherhood, of life?  This being forced to live on grace and consoled in the fact that we know it will be provided.  We cannot doubt God, if we know He is our loving Father!  We constantly turn to Our Lady for help if we know she is our Mother.  What kind of Mother is she?

The virtues of Our Lady as described by St. Louis de Montfort are: Angelic Sweetness, Ardent Charity, Blind Obedience, Constant Mental Prayer, Divine Purity, Divine Wisdom, Heroic Patience, Lively Faith, Profound Humility, and Universal Mortification.

How can we not be calm?  Our Mother is perfect.  She will care for us always.  She has the Hand of God to assist her.  We must refortify our confidence, banish every fear.

Our Lady of Confidence, pray for us!


  1. This virtue of confidence is needed very much today. I believe that mothers have a special charism to transmit confidence to their children in times of crisis. Maybe that could be the theme of a future blog post!


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