Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Football Debate about Loyalty

Villanueva stands for the National anthem on Sunday Sep. 24, 2017
before the Steelers game in Chicago.  It's been said that on his old
team (ex Army Ranger) people died for the American Flag.
He had the Steelers back then, but they don't have his now.
He has since walked back his statement, saying it was an accident
he stood in front of his teammates who were hiding in the tunnel.
Possibly his spirit did.
I am not personally a great football fan but I live in Pittsburgh.  That's a big deal.  Here people love the Steelers along with loving the country and loving God.  A little disproportional- but overall it's true.  And actually, I really have to admire the patriotic devotion Pittsburghers have for the Steelers because it's what's left of the crazy American spirit of loyalty and fidelity.

But yesterday on the sports radio shows, caller after caller after caller was mad.  All the guys were at work (blue collar is as much in our blood as Steelers football) but they were upset.  They all wanted to say their piece and express anger over the fact that our team would not stand or even enter the stadium in Chicago on Sunday for the pregame National anthem.

A switch was flipped in the good old patriotic American soul on Sunday and it is not going to be easy to turn that back off.

Guess how the radio hosts handled the issue?  They didn't.  So the callers just kept coming.

Good for Pittsburgh!

And here's a big reason why there's a debate: THE LIBERALS ARE TRYING TO TURN PATRIOTS INTO RACISTS.

Right from the beginning when Colin Kaepernick stated that because he thought black people were mistreated he would not stand for the Star Spangled Banner, this issue has been fabricated to paint all American patriots as racists.  That is more than a little unfair, it's an absolute lie.

The Americans who are most patriotic are those who are in the military and died for you to play football.  They are the ones who join the police force and nobly put their lives on the line every single day to uphold law and order.  They are the ones who go to Church every Sunday and pray to God to protect our country.  They are the ones who feed the hungry and house the homeless and care for the sick and take care of orphans.  They are the ones who are faithful and loyal.  They don't steal or murder or hurt people or do drugs.  They do these things selflessly, regardless of race.

They are also apparently the ones who passionately love their NFL teams.

These great American patriots are not racists!

I grew up in Northern Virginia with lots of black and white military friends, I now live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with lots of black and white working class neighbors and I am not a racist.  Neither are lots of other people.  And of the nasty, petty racists out there, there are just as many black as white.  Ultimately, the Flag of the US is not and never has been a racist Flag!

They still want so badly for conservatives to be racists.  And we're still not.

What does the Flag of the United States of America represent if not racism?  I will tell you, especially you NFL employees and radio show wimps who have not been listening to your thousands of fans and callers because your job or your income or your trendy liberal friends or maybe just football is more important to you than your country:

Our Flag is freedom, although not the freedom to do whatever we want.  Absolute freedom is the same as lawlessness.  We need limits if civilization is going to stay civilized.  I'm not the only one who believes those standards are God's laws, the Christianity that our country was founded on and for which many have given the ultimate sacrifice.  That's what the Star Spangled Banner represents.  And that's why patriots everywhere are declaring their loyalty to something bigger than football.

So no this debate is not about racism.

America, this debate is about God.


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  1. I will agree that there is a pretty strong movement among liberals to cast conservatives as racists. I'm dealing a lot of that in school, currently.

    I understand why a lot of players are protesting. With the fact that contradicting ideologies have equal place in America, there is a lot of evil fruits being born - one being a nasty vein of racism. Unfortunately, its one that has embedded itself deeply in American culture, and it won't be easy to get rid of it. And schools/cultures trying to encourage multiculturalism isn't helping - it's making it worse by delineating people into factions.

    I do wish that these protests had not taken the route that they did. While it did gain national attention, it gained the wrong kind of attention. I honestly think that this "show of unity" will tear this country much further apart that it should. It's like banding with a bully against the principal or something.

    Farm Lassie (Catherine)


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