Thursday, October 5, 2017

Elegant Fashion: Wraps and Shawls

Hi Ladies!

I have an elegant fashion tip to share with you today.  I fell in love with shawls years ago when I discovered lace knitting and found some patterns for lace knitted shawls and wraps.  They really embody the feminine spirit of warmth and delicacy which we all admire.  Shawls and wraps (and capes and scarfs too) are just so timelessly classy; they are a great style for The Catholic Lady.  So I've collected these beautiful examples below to share with you all.  I hope they fill you with inspiration as they did for me! 

This beautiful lace shawl is sold for brides, but I would wear this regularly for any formal occasion!  There are lots more stunning wraps available on etsy too.

This boiled wool cape looks pretty and practical for those who want to be nicely dressed in cold weather.

This Celtic cabled shawl is handmade in North Carolina from alpaca wool; it's also available at an etsy shop!

I especially love the folded collar on this Adrianna Papell satin wrap.

The Vermont Country Store offers this silk blend paisley wrap that can also be worn as a stylish scarf.

This list would not be complete without an elegant, cozy Irish wool cape.

This Coach Signature Silk Scarf adds the perfect feminine touch to an evening ensemble.  Also, what a gorgeous soft pink color!

If you admire beautiful vintage Russian shawls, there are some being sold on etsy.  I have seen Slavic style shawls like these at thrift stores too and at my Grandma's house!

Certainly this evening wrap would add a touch of class- not to mention warmth- to an evening concert or late dinner.

Have you ladies ever worn a scarf or wrap and do you have any tips?


  1. Yes I have worn wraps and I love knitting shawls. I use some of my wraps for veiling on Sunday. They also add just the right amount of warmth.

  2. I'm in the process of spinning some gray wool for my own cape/shawl. It's a slow process, but I'm sure it will be worth every minute.

    I've only started to experiment with shawls - I only have one good one and it's more of a poncho style. I've been wearing jackets for a good portion of my young life and have only started branching into the trench coat, never mind a good shawl. I'm working on it!

    Farm Lassie (Catherine)

  3. I have worn big scarves as shawls to Mass, in place of a jacket or cardigan, for shoulder coverage. I like them with a hat. I would love to try a cape or a nice poncho on a cold day. It's not a common choice for Florida. When we do have cooler weather everyone breaks out the jackets! I think capes look very romantic. I wonder if a shawl can be made more practical (for wrangling little ones) with a brooch. When I tie it in a knot it invariably falls loose. I might look into that!


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