Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving: Stop and Thank God!

"Lots of sales on Thanksgiving day," say some ads.

That may be true.  If you want to have a feeding frenzy and then rush around until 5AM.  But if you are a wise, true-blue American, chances are that you consider Thanksgiving a holiday.  And so you will avoid such craziness, stop and observe it calmly.

The marvelous way that we celebrate Thanksgiving in this country is not unlike Christmas.  Our celebration of beautiful tables and fine food is a tribute to timeless principles of civilization.  This abundant, merry holiday reflects the goodness of Christian order.  Our homes should be abounding with the warmth of traditions, families and Faith in God, all three vital anchors of America.

Our forefathers in much worse circumstances than we are today, took the time to thank God for the guidance of His Providence in a strange land.  Likewise, on Thanksgiving we turn to Him in what is for most a time of plenty.  Will we begin to feel pride that we are such hard workers and smart enough to make our own laws?  Will we be foolish enough to forget God's Church and Law is the foundation of the beautiful civilized world we enjoy today?  Will we ignore the many sins of our country that increasingly cry for vengeance?  Or will we be like Job and remember God even in our blessings?  We are so comfortable with our big turkeys.  We like so much to rush around and get things done.  Will we take time at all for Thanksgiving this year- not to mention Adoration, Reparation, Petition and Supplication?

Let us pray for God's grace on our country.  We need to slow down and observe our yearly visit with the Almighty (which is probably not enough).

No shopping today, America.  Instead, STOP and THANK GOD!


  1. Amen! A Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family Collette.


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