Tuesday, November 21, 2017

There is no Humor in Absurdity

The word absurd caught my attention.  I have a great interest in vocabulary and it is really a wonder that I have not developed this by learning more languages.  Sadly I don't have enough discipline to study grammar.

Absurd is a clear word.  It means: wildly unreasonable, ridiculous, foolish, illogical, ludicrous.  Basically, absurd is a word used to call out things which have no place in our lives.

But I think the word struck me for that reason.  Absurdity does have a place in our lives.  Our entertainment is absurd.  We read books and see plays and make movies that are absurd!  We play video games and virtual reality games that are absurd!  We create situations that are absurd so that we can laugh at them.  The photo booths with goofy accessories or the daredevils who take pictures in precarious positions are asburd!  Those who say they are transgender or want to marry a bridge are absurd!

I wonder why we do not call out absurdity for what it is?  We don't want to blow the whistle on everyone else's fun?  Maybe they think it's absurd too, but everyone is laughing anyway?  Isn't this the emperor with no clothes?

Or maybe there are a few who want absurdity.  The evil ones- the demons- want to pervert reason until reality is turned on it's head and we all are stuck in a world of make-believe where we can easily be made to sin against the order of our Creator and the only "crime" becomes sacrifice and love of Truth.  Will you laugh at absurdity?

No!  There is no humor in absurdity!  It is likely demonic.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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