Monday, December 4, 2017

A Weekend in Feminine Dress

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog.  Every Monday I post pictures of myself or a volunteer wearing a modest, feminine outfit including where it was purchased in order to encourage the apostolate of feminine dress.  If you would like to submit your photos, please contact me at:  Thank you!

This picture is actually from a few weeks ago but I wanted to show this dress because I have been wearing it a lot lately since it's easy to wear with a sweater for everyday.  A longtime reader, Theresa also sent me a lovely picture this morning of her outfit so I'm including that too!


Dress- Chaps (the hemline is straight, it's just not a great picture)
Sweater- Land's End


Blouse and skirt - second hand stores
Boots - gift from my sister
Earrings - Paparazzi
Hat (Barrette) - Hirons


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