Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Advent and Christmas in Pictures!

Here are a few photos of what the past few weeks have looked like around here!  I savor so much the slow Advent, the anticipation at home, the preparation for the Savior's seems like once Christmas day arrives things go too fast and are too busy!  Beatrice has her birthday on December 17 and we took them ice skating to celebrate...

Someone thinks he's ready for Christmas (after all his motto is: more trouble, more fun)!

Our official photo this year!  I won't tell you how many takes it took.

St. Nicholas Day breakfast after so many chocolate coins...if St. Nicholas brought them, of course you can eat them.

St. Lucy Day with buns baked by my Mom who does everything, I have no idea how!

Ice Skating for Beatrice's 5th birthday.

Thomas, Beatrice and Becky had so much fun!  This is my sister helping, thank goodness for sisters.

Christmas cookies!

There is nothing like a quiet Christmas morning...

Which sadly, has to end...

Henry wonders if he can get away with eating everything.

Then he considers crawling right into the fire to see what would happen...this little adventurer is full of naughty ideas!

Nativity Play organized by my energetic Mom (actors comprised of 9 grandkids under 6)!  Beatrice is Mary, Oliver is St. Joseph and Becky is the donkey.

Taken after a long day, so showing tired people.


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