Monday, December 4, 2017

No More "Ladies and Gentlemen" on New York City Subways!

Here is an amazing article on how the New York City subways can no longer say "Ladies and gentlemen"!  I read about this in the news and was horrified.  If we are not "ladies and gentlemen", what are we?  This will have consequences!  Read the following article.  He says it better than I could:



  1. The war on human nature continues. New York, California, and others have already criminalized using the "wrong pronouns" for "transgendered" people. The next step will be to criminalize calling a female a "woman" or "lady" or to call a male a "man" or "gentleman." Our world is truly insane, but all the more reason why we need to fight and especially teach children the truth about God's plan for marriage and the family.

    1. Yes, having the law "protect" "transgender" people is way beyond the limits of tolerance let alone reason or justice. And knocking down "Ladies and gentlemen" is just a brutal attack on civilization.


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