Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Order and Sanctity of the Home

The calm and peace that surround the Christian home is the shield of Angels
for a noble apostolate.
The natural family is comprised of father, mother and children.  It is sad that we must make this definition clear in today's disordered world.  The family is the basic institution of civilization and as such the proper order of the family deserves to be vehemently defended.

The home is the place where the family learns, plans, prays, works, suffers.  It should be full of life and conversation.  Within the home children first see reality, learn about Heaven and are guided in their natural desire to sort out right from wrong.  The home is where we learn to respect the law and hopefully love it- judges and lawyers were all children once.  It is a very grave and primary responsibility of parents to teach children to love justice and truth for God's sake.  The basis of all law- within and without of the family- needs grounding: in the natural law, the laws of our civilization, and the laws of the Church.

When the Christian family loves the law it becomes well-ordered, although not without controversy.  This type of family enjoys debate since in it they find truth.  What greater satisfaction is there than to know we are finding and fighting for God, for His order, for what is right?  This is everything!  Our behavior is marked with virtue and discipline.  The Commandments of the Church and the unique traditions of our family define our lives.  And when we inevitably fail, correction will satisfy our well-developed sense of justice and return us to the path of righteousness.

This passionate desire for the proper order of things is essential for the functioning of society on every level.  God promised throughout the Bible that He will bless those who honor and defend His laws.  Therefore, every success that we enjoy is directly because of God's grace.  Those who work to establish order and to establish a sense of justice in children are blessed by God.  This work ennobles the home to become like a convent or monastery- if not in austerity at least in sanctity.  The calm and peace that surround the Christian home is the shield of Angels for a noble apostolate.

The family can do public acts of order which will sanctify the home.  The family that attends Mass together every Sunday at their parish follows the commandment of the Church and does a public work of order.  The family dinner and the effort it takes to prepare and serve and clean up is a work of order and thus sanctification.  The Catholic education of the children is the moral duty of Catholic parents and so is a work of order.  Even the natural structure of the family- with a father who works and leads, a mother who sacrifices the world for home life, and children who are taught to love hierarchy and respect proper authority- is a work of order.  There are also many more ways for the family to do an apostolate of order!

Pray for families!  May the Holy Family favor us as we forge the way of order.  In our errant world, may our homes be places of refuge and sanctity for both body and soul.  May the Queen of Heaven intercede for her children with sympathy.  St. Joseph, considering your noble place in the hierarchy of the Holy Family, pray for us!


  1. Colette, I have some photos of our last rosary rally with a Christmas theme. If you like, I can email them to you for you to consider. Please send me your email address which I have lost. Mine is

  2. This post is very true. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance and sanctity of home life. It is the birth place not only of children, but of culture, tradition, and civilization itself. We don't normally associate the home with "order," but that is exactly what it is. It is the birthplace of order. The family naturally leads to an ordered society. The Revolution today must constantly work to destroy the family in order to destroy the Christian order that remains.

    Mothers and Fathers have immense power to do good to souls but forming them when they are the most innocent, giving them the first principles that allow them to know love and serve God and Our Lady.

    There are so many examples of saints who performed this role so well. Order in the home led directly to order of the soul, and order in society (also known as true civilization). The parents of Saint Therese of Lisieux, Queen Blanche of Castille, and my favorite: Saint Margaret of Scotland. St. Margaret is not only a saint but in many ways of the foundresses of Scottish culture.

    1. So since Christian order is born in the family, and spreads into other institutions throughout socity, the Revolution attacks these establishments today. We must defend Christian civilization by respecting the dignity of traditional roles. It is difficult because there is corruption...but necessary if we want to save the baby in the bathwater.


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