Friday, January 12, 2018

Feminism: Just Another Lie!

In today's world we treat the symptom instead of the problem.
We don't want to waste any time away from the fun.
In today's world we treat the symptom instead of the problem.  We don't want to waste any time away from the fun.

For example, the situation that surrounds us is not pretty.  Women have been sexually harassed, even raped and they are upset.  But do we question the root of the problem?  Or do we mask it with emotional drugs: shallowly tweet #MeToo, wear a black gown to represent solidarity with female victims, and naively proclaim the time is up for evil men?

Many of these hypocritical women return the next day to making sexually perverse television programs or to living an amoral party girl lifestyle.

But what if we did get to the root of the problem?  What if we discovered obscene behavior, fashions and entertainment contribute to sexual harassment?  What if we discovered egoism leads to corruption?  What if we discovered children without rules grow into adults without responsibility?  What if we discovered broken marriages and irregular families increase child abuse?  And what if without God, moral standards really have no basis?  What if civilization only exists because of Christianity?  What if there is no such thing as "my truth", but only "the truth"?

And the truth is that men and women are different.  Feminism is a lie.

It is time for the fundamental differences of men and women to be recognized.  The physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses of the two sexes respectively need to be be incorporated into the design of society and institutions.  To attain excellence in any realm, it is logical to build upon natural qualities.  But we ignore truth!  This is idiotic.  The world today becomes a subjective playground where every whim and fantasy can be indulged.  Look at the number of these sexual crimes, abortion, transgenderism and same-sex "marriage"!  Lacking a higher law- or any reality at all- it is no wonder that we deteriorate...

No one will address the root of the problem:
without God, there is no will to practice
restraint and sacrifice in the vocation.
The enemies of God hand us stones to cast at civilization.  Hypocritical cries of sexual harassment are answered with anarchical cries of feminism, a prescription that failed years ago.  We are told to smash powerful men and bring down the natural order.  But these radical egalitarian and atheistic ideas ultimately drive us toward the exclusive worship of self- which justifies sexual harassment!  No one will address the root of the problem: without God, there is no will to practice restraint and sacrifice in the vocation.

The most basic institution is that of the family, under assault as women swallow the lie that they must leave the home to be powerful!  Feminists won't quiet down long enough to hear a secret whispered centuries ago: the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

Because I can assure you that feminism's time will be up too!  It will only live long enough to be trampled by the next movement that hates the design of God.


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