Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Demonic Nature of Vulgarity and the Graceful Nature of Sacrifice

We see that like Lucifer, pride and rebellion drive this march on;
the demonic nature of vulgarity becomes clear.
The Women's March wants pride, selfishness and chaos to reign.  It's mission is a list of conflicting causes only united by anarchical ends.

This radical movement is comprised of feminists, abortion and birth control activists, LGBT lunatics, environmentalists, even Satanists: ideologies that hate objective truth, responsibility, higher law, Christian civilization, the Church and ultimately God.

The Women's March uses extreme vulgarity with little attempt to disguise it's loathing for all things true, good and beautiful.

The sacrificial love of motherhood is the highest
capability of woman's nature.
Hateful lies against the order of God repulse the man who defends Christian civilization.  Envy of power moves women to shout shocking obscenities in the streets and murder children in the womb.  We see that like Lucifer, pride and rebellion drive this march on; the demonic nature of vulgarity becomes clear.

The Catholic lady is of course one who opposes anarchy and upholds the law of God.  She delights in God's creation and loves very much the place of woman.  She appreciates the refined beauty of traditional femininity, realizing that truth and goodness naturally build her up.  She knows the vocation of the Catholic lady is hidden, sacrificial and by this sanctified.  The sacrificial love of motherhood- either physical or otherwise- is the highest capability of women's nature.  The Catholic lady then desires to give her life to her children, to civilization and in this sacrificial act is repeatedly ennobled.  In it, we find the graceful nature of beauty and sacrifice.



  1. I couldn't agree more!! I've been thoroughly disgusted with the "Women's March" ever since it got started not too long ago. Obscene lies don't become anyone but they are even less becoming from a woman.


  2. I agree with your blog post! Such a difference between the "women's march" and the March for Life. I so appreciate young women like you speaking and holding to the truth.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Mrs. Zimmerman. It goes against the very nature of a woman to participate in these marches. These women possess the very opposite of a meek and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in the eyes of our Lord.

    1. I agree 1000%, yes, that's one thousand per cent!

  4. Not my march... It's a disgusting march. Its so hurtful that these woman feel this way about life!!! God save them.

  5. What is very sad is that the Novus Ordo "church" promotes the androgynous "woman". Life is praised yet all of the photos in N.O.publications show women in men's roles. There are hardly any pictures of mothers in the home homemaking. Come to think of it, Traditional Catholic publications show few domestic scenes as well! They are almost exclusively of the boys and men, or group worship and processions. There are very few domestic scenes. Where are the Catholic style Anne of Green Gables books? The books, not the politically corrected TV series. Where are the photos of Mom happy cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, with multiple children in tow and helping? How are girls going to learn how to be homemakers or even to value it? Especially if one over compensates for the trashing manhood receives in current society, and boys are elevated even beyond elitist superiority to a master/slave mentality; and there is a disjuncture between boys and girls because of pride and the respect goes down. Where is the celibate life of the nun and all she does honored? Only in their own publications! Do we see either mothers and nuns admired and honored by the boys and men? Do we see the ladies and girls admiring and honoring the boys activities, in a modest respectful manner?

  6. Oh I'm so glad I found this blog. Thank you, dear Catholic sister.


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