Monday, February 26, 2018

A Weekend In Feminine Dress

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog.  Every Monday I post pictures of myself or a volunteer wearing a modest, feminine outfit including where it was purchased in order to encourage the apostolate of feminine dress.  If you would like to submit your photos, please contact me at:  Thank you!

I have been busy sewing for people (mostly friends) and ALMOST have two Spring skirts (offered in all sizes) done for my is pink linen and makes me think longingly about Summer!  The skirts are turning out to be such a fun project!

It's been awhile and we're glad to be back again with pretty outfits!  It is hard to find something lovely to wear in February...but exciting last week to finally get some warmer weather!  Here is what the children wore yesterday and a few more pictures from the past weeks:

Three musketeers ready to go!

And you can't really see my dress, but it's what I wore last Christmas.

Mardi Gras cake!

And one more for extra measure...Henry is more trouble than all my other babies combined...Tom (who is 6) says he saves his life at least three times a he lives in a basket much of the time and begs for favors from those who pass by!


Thursday, February 22, 2018


The bond of father and mother in marriage gives a child his first sense
of belonging.  He makes a connection from his own father to God the Father
and is awash in gratitude for what is his, if only his small family unit.
A stranger visited our home recently and paid me a great complement, "Look at all the children...but it's so calm!"

I watch my children play all day and even though they are usually not quiet, they are in fact remarkably calm.

Once when my oldest daughter was badly injured, I was amazed that she was so calm!  For me this was nerve-racking.  And it was a bit overwhelming when I realized the source of her calmness: she trusted me.

I tell them that they will feel better soon and they believe me.  I tell them that it's going to be okay and they believe me.  I tell them that God is here and they believe me.  I marvel at the innocence of a child.  I crave the purity of this innocence, that I might strengthen my own Faith in God.

I too trusted my parents as a child.  I was calm living in a comfortable and healthy environment.  My parents taught me a level of self-denial and sacrifice that helped me transition to the responsibilities and hardships of adulthood.  And it taught me something else:

We must not ever leave the calmness of our childhood!  We must continue to practice this kind of perfect Faith.  God loves the Faith of children.  And since virtue is an action, not a feeling, we are all capable of having Faith!
Look at the calmness of a child and see innocence,
see Heaven, see God.
And marvel at this most precious Faith!
Painting by Murillo

Sadly, there are children in this world who are taught lies.  They are told depressing atheistic ideas and indoctrinated with errors of social structure and filthy lifestyles of impurity that ruin their childhood and usually their lives.  Children are born with an admirable innocence and heart naturally turned to God.  The destruction of these priceless qualities is the worst child abuse!  It is the curse of children born out of wedlock.  It is the most vital obligation of Christian family life: protect the innocence of children!

The bond of father and mother in marriage gives a child his first sense of belonging.  He makes a connection from his own father to God the Father and is awash in gratitude for what is his, if only his small family unit.  Responsibility is born along with loyalty, trust, honor and Faith...

Then the Faith of a child will grow into the Faith of a man, a Faith that is developed by grace and fortified by practice of virtue.  This Faith will be so strong and invincible that it will be capable of reaching God.

Look at the calmness of a child and see innocence, see Heaven, see God.  And marvel at this most precious Faith!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

True Motherhood Will Clash With Feminist Theme on March 8

I am very pleased to share with you that Lady Day will take place again this year on March 8!  Please plan a tea party on this day and invite good ladies who work to restore the dignity and role of the Catholic lady in civilization.  It is also requested that we visit a Marian Shrine to pray in reparation and for the work of Christian mothers.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is upon us once again. Feminists will use the occasion to push their radical agenda.
This year’s feminist slogan is Push for Progress which advocates “gender parity,” another way to destroy the natural distinction and complementarity of the two sexes.
In contrast, Lady Day is also celebrated on March 8th.
This year's Lady Day will honor the sublime and sacrificial calling of motherhood, both physical and spiritual; a woman's most noble vocation in life.
It is being carried out under the noble patronage of Her Highness Duchess Pilar Oldenburg Mendez de Vigo and Lowenstein...

A Good Article: The Fedora for All Seasons

What good thoughts on the character and beauty of hats in civilization!  I really enjoyed this article today:


"This little incident gave me much food for thought. I pondered our conversation and became more convinced of how society today has been impoverished by things like the decline of the hat!
How much has been lost in the modern concrete jungles we have constructed where buildings all look the same and people wear the same clothing that fads dictate. Personality and individuality are gone in a world where torn jeans, shorts, flip flops, tee shirts and sweat suits have become suitable for all occasions whether a birthday party, funeral, wedding, or Mass on Sunday.
What role does the hat play in a society? It plays an essential role. It enhances the identity of each individual and shows the vast variety of vocations, occupations, and roles God called each one to follow...
So, if someone were to ask me if using a hat matters, my answer would be, “Imagine a world with no hats at all. Imagine a Winston Churchill without his Top Hat. Imagine a Queen Elizabeth without her diadem. Imagine a Lord Nelson without his bicorn, or imagine a modest Mexican farmer without his sombrero.”

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