Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Paramount Importance of the Father

If we consider God's Creation and the temporal order,
we begin to appreciate distinctive grades of meaning in
families and lineages. 
This is a great sacrament; but I speak in Christ and in the Church.  Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular love his wife as himself: and let the wife fear her husband.
(Ephesians 5: 31-33)

Why is the 'great sacrament' as St. Paul calls marriage not vehemently loved today, and treasured as the foundation on which to salvage Christendom?  Indeed, if we consider God's Creation and the temporal order, we begin to appreciate distinctive grades of meaning in families and lineages.

This love of marriage is diametrically opposed to the worldly attitude of moral relativism and gross indulgence.  Instead, the properly structured Christian family is everything genuine.  Clear roles and necessary sacrifices bond with the grace of the Sacrament and fuse souls together.

Some say it is selfish to promote marriage because I have a good husband, while theirs is far from perfect.  After all, there is no one who knows the failings of a man like his own wife.  But even if he is a sinful man, consider his position.  Is it not enough to honor and love this?  He is a man created in the image and likeness of God; he has bound himself to you and you have his children!  When we as Christian women speak anything against the paramount position of the father, we are guilty of a graver attack on civilization than the most vulgar feminist in the street.  This attitude is more egalitarian and narcissistic than any other.  If we believe in God, then we must also believe that He moves our families.  We are not at the center and we must not put ourselves at the center!  Nothing is without grace.  Nothing!

If we trust the design of the family- the priceless key of finding God- reversed roles are intrinsically disordered.

Do you want to know God, little children?
Then point them to their own father!
by Murillo
Instead of valuing the beautiful calling of women inside of the home, of mothers, of the ones who keep the fires warm and wear the swishing skirts and pearls, we leave our duties behind and call them "mundane".  Oh yes, we call motherhood of which Cardinal Mindszenty has said, "What on God's good earth is more glorious than this?" mundane- nothing!  We accept the feminist attitude that any active work is greater than the hidden and we leave our homes to "work" or to "think" or to "evangelize" or to "socialize".  If only we would see the Revolutionary Sin we commit against the values we say we hold dear!

Do we still not trust God?  Do we have such a pervasive spirit of anarchy that we question the natural design of manhood, of fatherhood?  Are we these exceedingly disordered women who try to be the head instead of the heart of our children's lives?

Yes, we are all guilty!  If this spirit of anarchy has invaded to the extent that we cannot separate it from good Catholic work, our work is nothing!  It is useless!  It goes against the natural law and the exquisite masterpiece of God- the hierarchical Christian family.

Do not accept this Christian mothers!  Go back into your homes and comfort your children and whisper gently that God is great.  Do you want to know God, little children?  Then point them to their own father!  Do you really believe he is a bad man?  The place that He holds is still sacred and represents all things glorious.  This is enough on which to rest our devotion.  We need steps, we need hierarchy if we will ever reach God.  And by throwing away the father, we throw away the steps to God!  We will never reach Him and neither will our children.  The great sadness at this hateful anarchical crime cannot be adequately expressed.  Give the father honor and love and obedience.  This is where we will learn of God and only here will we win any victory for civilization.


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