Monday, October 29, 2018

A Weekend In Feminine Dress: Rebecca Margaret

Welcome to A Weekend In Feminine Dress on The Catholic Lady Blog!  This is where I post pictures of a modest, feminine outfit to encourage women in the apostolate of femininity.  Thanks for visiting!  If you have pictures to share, please contact me at:

Happy Fall, everyone!  This is my favorite Season because of the lovely weather and beautiful landscapes, at least here in Pennsylvania.  I hope you're enjoying it as much as we are!

We have been very busy lately, mostly with school, so I don't have any pictures of my outfits.  But here is a picture of Rebecca that I took today.  I love this green ruffled cardigan and dress I found for her a few weeks ago.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Cry of the Conservative Woman

Liberals consider it a victory that fathers increasingly
take on the responsibilities of mothers.
Even at Church we notice the Dads with their utilitarian
baby carriers, submitting to the fancies of their wives.
A serene woman scans the morning news, unsurprised to see the popular female victims, those who have laid down their honor on the aging altar of feminism.

Even in the circles- or rather face-book groups- of good women, the mommy sob stories abound.  So with wisdom she questions this trend of victimizing, and these poster sized cry-babies of the liberal movement.

The feeling of victimhood is somewhat justified.  In a sense we are victims of Original Sin and fallen human nature and of a hideously perverted culture.  Responsibilty and higher law are remedies against injustice, and the Church and civilization are meant to guide us.  But as the egalitarian monster eats away at institutions, moral restraint and natural law, isolation begins to grate on our souls.  Who can we blame?  We have abolished the limits of truth.  Quid est veritas?

The word conservative means to preserve, protect and maintain.   The political wars rest on the condition that one side defends while the other pushes the limits.  Ultimetely, the liberals want the absolute freedom to do anything without taking responsibility.  Such childish behavior is paradoxically maddening.

Perhaps feminists enjoy the chaos, believing they can have the best of both worlds, when in fact the fast-pace and lack of dedication only means that nothing is being done well.  What are the men to do then, living in a woman's world?  They go and change the baby's diaper.  In the moment they provide a solid place for the children to climb onto, escaping the raging sea of modern confusion.

Liberals consider it a victory that fathers increasingly take on the responsibilities of mothers.  This revolutionary shift is disturbing not only because it attacks the nature of the sexes and their roles in society, but also because it greatly diminishes respective dignity and excellence.  Even at Church we notice the Dads with their utilitarian baby carriers, submitting to the fancies of their wives.  Of course fathers should help out with their children, but in a way that is appropriate to their nature.  This oxymoronic "pro-life feminism" claims to believe in an isolated right to life, yet belligerently displays rebellious behavior.  The absurdity of this thought process is only matched by it's unfairness.  But again we recall the feminist cry-babies.

Traditional motherhood is a hidden platform of social magnificence.
The role is exquisite, timeless and incredibly precious.
On the contrary, home life is steady and comforting, full of preparing meals and school studies, making appointments and phone calls, planning outings and holidays and managing a myriad of chores in between.  Amidst the worldly rush for pleasure, at the end of the day the interior joys simply cannot exist without the conservative woman.

And so this proper woman arises from her morning reverie to right the disorder, beginning to chop the vegetables and knead the dough, filling the kitchen with a hopeful aroma of warmth and love.  She knows in her soul that traditional motherhood is a hidden platform of social magnificence.  Despite the onslaught, the role of the conservative woman is diametrically opposed to victimhood.  It is the life of responsibility.  It is exquisite, timeless and incredibly precious. 


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